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    I think to be a fauxtog you have to actually charge for what you do.  For me it is a hobby and I enjoy where it has taken me.  I figured I would submit some stuff for review.  Fire away.



    I think to be a fauxtog you have to actually charge for what you do.

    Not only charge for what you do, but do portraiture or wedding work, badly.

    500px is an interesting site.  I have noticed it helps to have saturated thumbnails if you want random views and it may help to upload at certain times, or on certain days.  Their rating scheme is a total mystery to me but I haven’t spent much time trying to figure it out.  As with the other social sites, the more time you spend viewing and commenting on other’s work, the more views and comments you get.  I tend to be remiss there as well.  The photo you got the highest score on is the footprint.  It’s not my favourite.  I prefer the sailboat.  Though, that says more about my interests than about your photography.

    From the thumbnails, I thought you had one portrait but on opening it, I see the person is painted on a wall.  I like the close-up leaf, some of the flowers and the burning, spinning stuff.   Generally  they are all technically good, exposure is OK, something is in focus, etc.  But, I’m not really inspired by them.




    I like a lot of your stuff… but some is much better than others. And some just need some tweeking so they don’t look like they’re just snapshots…

    Like this one:


    You can easily make this a better photo by adding more colour, and by taking out the post (this was like 6-9 mins worth… could be a lot better with more time spent)



    I love this one though, the colours are great!


    Thanks for the feedback.   I tried to adjust the colors a bit when I first got Lightroom.  Still learning how to use it.  I liked the pole that now appears int the field.  It speaks to the homesteads that used to populate the area.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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