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    Hi guys, I am a student and I would like to get some feedback for my images




    HI there Milhouse, it would be nice to have some more information on you, what you hope to get out of critique, id love to know which images you think are your strongest and why.


    I am happy to do a full critique of all your images as i have a few minutes, i am a new professional photographer and i am still learning myself. i get a lot out of critiquing other people photos.

    Image one (the band i assume) isnt a bad shot, it seem to be in focus and nicely exposed. The posing really lets you down, in particular the woman, it is really really not a flattering shot of her and i suspect she doesnt like it (being  a woman myself i know  i wouldnt). the posing seems a little disjointed. and the couch isnt straight (im kinda OCD), part of the couch is chopped off. also the back ground isnt completely black, im on a calibrated monitor but i can see the back ground when i move to the left and right, its liks you havent blackened the back out fully. All in all id say the processing isnt bad though. When i first look at the image i look at the couch above her knees.


    Image two (another band one), not bad image in itself, as least its exposed ok and focus looks sharp. Again the posing is what really lets you down, every one looks awkward and is looking everywhere.  The lady looks like she is very worried. You need to engage more and let your subjects become comfortable with you, they look like they are very very uncomfortable. you need to direct them into exactly what they should be doing and where they should be standing. This shot had potential.

    Sorry the underwater ones dont do anything for me, nothing seems to be in focus and something has to be in focus you know? it honestly looks like the camera has just gone off by accident. the final underwater one could have been good if the wave was in focus.

    The wedding image. odd processing that doesnt match the theme. i automatically look at the top of the tie as its in focus but i want to look at the hands which are doing the tie up.

    the woman getting off the boat, this image isnt bad but the focus really needs to be on her face. i look at face of teddy and not the woman. and she is gorgeous so i want to be looking at her! ohh and cause i cant see where she is holding teddy it looks like its kind of floating there.


    The wood chopper ones i feel are your strongest, well exposed, ok composed and good processing. i really like the gritty feel with these ones.


    You are good at taking photos in the minute but you really need to work on your posing.


    hope this has helped 🙂



    I think you did a wonderful job critiquing.  I was really hoping the OP would come back and engage with you a little, and answer your questions, and give a little.  It’s really too bad, because Im positive this tog would have gotten a lot more feedback from others if they had shown some sort of interest or gratitude.  Since the OP never thanked you for your time, I will.  Thank you.

    For the OP.  I think maybe this article might help you.  Please read before you ask for critique again.



    milhouse decided to start jumping on me for being a harsh critic instead of focusing on making her work better.


    I would tend to agree with Sassy on these. An observation I made though is to do with the final image of the wood chopper sat down with the axe. One thing that could improve this is the composition. The back being cut off like that doesn’t lend itself well to the image. I think it could have been a lot stronger if his back and feet were included. I understand that perfect composition isn’t always possible, but this is something that I myself  have become very weary of when shooting. Look up some composition faux-pas about chopping off feet, hands, etc, in funny places. It should help you a lot.

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