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    Been on there for a while. The feedback is sparse and not terribly useful. And since I stay off the like ladders, not much activity on my page. But a nice platform for friends and family to look at my stuff.



    ok do me a favor, go to my “store” and try to look through.  When I do it, other people’s pictures show up instead of mine.  Does the same happen to you?   and when I try to click the arrows on my regal profile page I can’t.  They don’t work at all.  I was just going to share my 500px with everyone, but glad I clicked through first.


    Thanks, IHF.  I think I have seen that before, but I never applied one to my page.  It also disappears when you select an image to view.


    Ok I just went and looked at some photographers that I follow and tried to browse their images and when I do the same thing happens.  So people can’t click on a picture and then click the arrows to see the next photo by the same photographer?!  Even from their port/page/profile?!  WTF good is that?!  So basically when I direct anyone to my port on 500px I’m actually just directing them to ONE of my pictures, the one that they click on to view.  Unless they want to keep playing the back button game and keep clicking on thumbnails?  That’s LAME.  To top it off the photographs that keep popping up next to mine when I push the arrows kinda suck, and if people don’t look up at the upper left corner they might think its mine.  YUCK I don’t like that


    So, I’m out of time, and still confused.  I went to this page:  http://500px.com/shikhei , it shows the big photo at the top.  Caution, snakes and bugs, but great photos.  Anyway, if I click on the first snake, at the top, there is a set of thumbnails, and beside the photo, there are left and right arrows.  Navigation seems good.  I don’t see any unexpected photos popping up.  If I go to your page, I have a similar experience, and I can manoeuvre without difficulty.

    The only time I see photos from different people is when I start from Popular, or a similar aggregation.  Then if I want to follow a particular person, I have to click their avatar to get to their page before moving through their photos.


    I just went and played around again, and everything was fine.  I’m weirded out lol could someone have hacked 500px or something and make it go nuts for a minute?  I think I’ll wait and see if it happens again before I go and send anyone there.


    Just for the sake of completeness, here is my other account: http://500px.com/FromTheAir

    I like to keep the themes separate.


    Andre, I like your aerial photos.  If you are into planes and aerial photos, you might enjoy this gallery:



    Thanks. Some very nice stuff on there.



    RoZet’s link is to a porn site.


    Hello there. I joined too 500px dot com a couple of months ago. I found it better than flickr which became a crappy website with all these silly group graphics “congratulating” you about your photo.

    Well on 500px I thought it was gonna be fun but instead it became frustrating. Once you start liking pictures and you are new you will start getting followers. I emailed them lots of times asking how can I remove all these crappy followers and what’s going on and their response was “your profile is suggested to new users”, !shit!! really?!!! me!???…wow!!! Many of these spammers did not upload a single photo until now. So, moving on I was wondering how do I get my pictures liked and faved. I read a few things on the internet regarding liking and favouring others images so I gave it a shot.

    I was uploading 1 image every day and then I was starting the liking and favouring process (personally I was doing it selectively and only on specific themes) and it worked. I was getting more followers more likes and more faves. Before you understand it you have already spent a few hours in front of a computer doing this. !Shit! Then I realised that the time of upload really does matter. So I run a few tests and I found out that if I upload my images around morning Eastern Time I will get more likes and faves!!! Indeed!!!! I had images go to Popular at around 92-93% within 30 minutes!!! After I did this a few times it really became frustrating and silly and unfair… My time zone has a 7 hour difference from Eastern time so I had to schedule my process (Upload an image and start liking, favouring, and commenting for an hour or two) around that time. That’s time consuming! I know photographers spend a lot of time socialising but this is not socialising by any means.

    Pulse Rating: Due to the time I was spending online I was examining the way pulse works (yeah!!! way too much free time!!). So I came up with some conclusions which I posted on this public support page they have http://support.500px.com/customer/portal/questions/8136438

    You can see my questions and their answers. I didn’t expect to get more than that but still I wanted to say something. So I came to the decision to delete my profile (actually I did a couple of minutes ago). For those who want to connect with 500px please note the following:

    1. Street photography has no place there!

    2. Documentary photography is “banned”!

    3. “Artistic” and ARTISTIC nude are two different terms that you will figure out on 500px.

    4. Post sunsets, water, birds, flowers and cats. Dogs are not so popular.

    5. Like, Face, and comment if you want to have your picture popular.

    6. Use photoshop and any other freaking tool to edit your photo before upload. (The same like international photography salons)

    7. Good luck 🙂


    I stopped using 500px long time ago, as a professional photographer my main concern was that they: TAKE the TOTAL ownership of uploaded content. Might not be the case for pro account but for the free ones it is in their Terms and Conditions. Recently I was “spammed” to check out a site called YouPic. I must say I really enjoyed the Experience, much more 2015 than 500px. Also as you might have guessed I totally checked out the terms and conditions on YouPic and they do not steal rights to the photos. 500px does unfortunately. I think they will lose many users to the new kid in town. The concentration on YouPic seems to be about inspiration and getting better photos. And the amazing 10 000 views in less than 2 days on my photography was a wow experience.


    This is an excerpt from 500px terms:
    “The license granted to 500px includes the right to use your Content fully or partially for promotional reasons and to distribute and redistribute your Content to other parties, web-sites, applications, and other entities, provided such Content is attributed to you in accordance with the credits (i.e. username, profile picture, photo title, descriptions, tags, and other accompanying information) if any and as appropriate, all as submitted to 500px by you; ”


    “You represent and warrant that:

    You are the owner of all rights, including all copy rights in and to all Content you submit to the site;
    You have the full and complete right to enter into this agreement and to grant to 500px the rights in the Content herein granted, and that no further permissions are required from, nor payments required to be made to any other person in connection with the use by 500px of the Content as contemplated herein; and
    The Content does not defame any person and does not infringe upon the copyright, moral rights, publicity rights, privacy rights or any other right of any person, or violate any law or judicial or governmental order.

    You shall not have any right to terminate the permissions granted herein, nor to seek, obtain, or enforce any injunctive or other equitable relief against 500px, all of which such rights are hereby expressly and irrevocably waived by you in favour of 500px.”

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