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    .. and I suppose I’d better check that I’m presenting worthy attempts. Feedback appreciated, both fans and pans.




    I’ve got to ask,  ’cause I don’t understand 500px’s Pulse calculation, how does Vancouver Trainyard manage to get 23 Likes and 13 Faves with only 12 Views?

    It looks like it was shot through a window and the colours are quite muted, which seems counter to most of what I see on 500px.  I like the leading lines and boxes.  It has strong graphic elements.  The grain fits the mood.

    I might be biased about In Port because Zaandam docked behind us in Juneau.  I wonder if it might have been better to back up a few more steps or take a few more steps along the shore away from the ship?   Another interesting shot of ships is straight on, looking at the bow.

    Nice close up of the Maple Leaf!  Once again, I see it got 33 likes on only 27 views!  How does that work?  And it had a Highest Pulse of 90.5!



    HI! I’ve wondered that too.  😛

    This is from the 500px site regarding views and likes:
    “Users who are not logged in to 500px can also vote (Like and Favourite) photos using a “Starter Account”, however these votes do not count towards the photo’s Pulse or the photographer’s Affection score.”
    Thanks for the comments.
    About the Zaandam, it’s one from some backdated folders which I sorted through, hoping to find some nice pics. The reason I chose this one was just the sky and the triangular reflection. Your suggestion will definitely be kept in mind for other boat shots.



    I know you wanted feedback, but… instead you got me started on wanting to talk about 500px oops!  sorry

    about the veiws.  they are counted separately I believe.  There were lot’s of times when I got less views than likes or comments.  So I’m thinking just a view without likes or comments is counted as a view.  Once it’s liked its counted as a like

    I joined not too long ago and already removed my account, after only a couple of weeks.  I was getting high scores and didn’t understand why, how, when I only got so many views, let alone votes/likes or comments.  I had my account set up to notify me through email when someone liked or commented on my photo.  Almost every single person that “voted” one of my images up (minus a handful) left generic comments or encouraged me to like their work.  I always looked  too.  I’d get to their page and then go check out their flow.  What did I find?  They liked, or voted up every single “fresh” photo that went up an hour or so within mine.  OK sooooo… WTH?!  Thanks but no thanks.  Lot’s of fishing going on, and popularity type stuff.  Kind of like what goes on on Facebook.  I also thought why the hell am I getting such high scores when no one even knows me there?!  Did some googling and found out that 500px makes it easier for new people to “get popular” by requiring less “votes” to make it to “upcoming”, and “popular”.  It’s a way to hook you in, and get you wanting to pay for an account I think.  I was putting an image up, and within minutes it was headed towards popular, a few minutes later bam! popular.  LMAO  whatever!  But there I was with mostly spammy comments, and generic meaningless fishing likes.  Meanwhile I liked my flow page quite a lot and found such wonderful photographers to follow.  But, every time I shared a picture… I’d get all disgusted and disgruntled again with the games being played there.  I just had to close my account, I knew eventually I’d piss someone off, and I had already called out two spammy fishers out on their crap.

    I suppose with time it would become harder and more legit to make it to the popular pages, once that newbee push wears off, but when you see at least one fake pretending “like me and I like you blindly” on the front page (They follow each other and up vote everything).  If I had played along I would have gained lot’s of followers that played along as well.  It’s so strange.  scammer/fisher on the front page everyday… eh.. it just got to me.  I can’t play nice I guess


    I have had a free 500px account for a couple of years.  So far I have only put up 36 photos.  I don’t really do much with them.  It seemed like you had to be social to advance photo scores and I can’t be bothered.  Other sites have more interesting community, though at those sites too, there is occasional discontent that someone has not had their photos featured.  This has lead to discussions about limiting upload allowances and even one or two people leaving for greener pastures.  When I joined one site, I had a couple of photos featured that I though were fairly pedestrian.  It turned out the site’s creator was trying to encourage us.  I think they are still doing that.

    The best way to determine how others see your photos is to enter lots of contests.  If you can regularly win or place then you are probably doing something right.

    To be fair, there are lots of good photos on 500px.  PBase is another site with good photos, but they have a one month trial, then want you to pay.  Since I have my own pages, and they wanted US$, I passed.

    500px are local.  I just called their posted phone number and was forwarded to a cell phone which offered to record voicemail.   I don’t know if they are growing or had a major exodus.  They have a lot of positions open.


    I do see all that social stuff, and ya it’s annoying. However, I like the fact that it’s quite difficult for the average (even more savvy) users to download photos without buying them. Sure, they could get a screen cap, but I don’t worry about my hi-res images: I tried to steal one of my own and all I got was a thumbnail.

    It’s also neat that once I upload pictures, I can see right away if they’re noticed. I’ve put up a few that got no attention at all, so I removed them, then changed them to black and white, and they got votes. While I’m aware it is more of a popularity contest rather than photo skills, it DOES help me sort through my images to choose better.

    As for the rating, it is what it is, and I’ll stay on as long as this is the safest way to display my photos.



    Yes, I really like how images are displayed and protected. Somehow that score thing just bothers me. I may end up there again, but I need to go in with a different mind set, and not let things I see bother me so much. Turn a blind eye to the crap, and just pay attention to the positive that the site brings. Maybe turning off my notifications would help 😉

    ultimately I want my own site and shop where I can self fulfill. Just haven’t taken the plunge yet. Right now I break even with my hobby, if I invest any more, then it changes the game a little, and I’d have to be more serious about marketing and the whole shebang. Blah

    500px is still on the table for a place to show my port and 1x might be a contender as well (not sure if my images fit their niche though). Right now, I’m just procrastinating. I’m really good at that


    Is this an art selling site or a stock site?


    In many ways, 500px is a social site.  They have the facility to sell photos, so it could be considered an art selling site, but a lot of photos are not for sale.



    If it is more a social site than any images posted would be worthy attempts.


    I ended up restarting my account, and after uploading 8 more images, my images finally started to fail.  Yay!  lol yeah, just turn off the notifications, find work and photographers you enjoy, and visit your flow everyday to discover great new stuff.  Meanwhile, post your work , and don’t worry about the scoring and whatnot. To me it’s just there so people who want to see who favorited/liked/commented/following their work can have a look.  seriously, I’m just relieved that my work isn’t scoring 90 or higher anymore.  Blending in just fine now 🙂 or I just posted a couple crappy pictures.  The latter could be the case I suppose. I know my daughter finds them “boring”

    so OP are you still on?  The link says no, but maybe you changed your name or somthing?


    Hey, ya I’m still here on yrnap, but no longer on 500px. They changed the appearance of the users’ page and I don’t like it at all; the huge pic at the top just bothers me…

    I’ll keep my eye out for another site that suits me better.






    I saw your new post and logged onto 500px to see the huge pic.  I’m not seeing it!


    I mean the huge photo which makes up the header of a user’s profile; you’d have to see someone’s page and mine is closed. The default page won’t show that.


    I added and then removed mine because I didn’t like it.  CC just go look at someone you follow and you’ll see it.  It’s wonky because when you scroll back up to the top to navigate it exposes more of the photo in the header instead of showing what you are trying to scroll to.  It’s clunky and in the way.  Here I added mine back for you so you can see it http://500px.com/MelindaPotter

    let me know when you are done checking it out so I can delete it again and not have a cover/header image

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