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    Here’s my 500px, where I post what I personally consider to be my best work (which probably isn’t all that great, haha)¬†http://500px.com/vi0letdream


    There’s (a lot) more on my deviantArt¬†http://vi0letdream.deviantart.com/gallery/


    There are some interesting moody and atmospheric ideas on there, but sometimes let down by technique. Your cover photo, for example, I would go back there and either use much greater depth of field or make sure you focus on the far wall.

    Worst Case Scenario

    I like some of your abstract shots but the rest are pretty boring. I assumed the pale washed, slightly crossed processed look was an effect you’d put onto the pics. But as none of your shots have any decent contrast or dynamic range, I’m wondering if it’s actually just bad processing?

    You can’t be a Faux unless you have charged people to take the shots, if you did, then yes you probably are.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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