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    I am in high school and quickly approaching college and real life. I’m completely undecided about what I want to, but have been considering photography. I’m completely obsessed with it, but I have no idea if I’m any good. Of course my family and friends say I’m good, but so do the family and friends of every fauxtog.

    Can you guys take a look at a few photos I uploaded to flickr, and tell me if I have any potential?



    I think you have a very good eye and you are very creative. Those 2 things are very important in photography. I think it’s great that you’re considering your options at this stage of your life. If you want to make it into the real business and art of Photography, college is a great choice. There are many self-taught photographers in the world, myself included. I have taken a few courses in my life though, as well as doing my homework, reading books, learning from other photographers, etc. But if you have the chance to go to college for it, grab that chance and don’t let go! Of course this is just my very humble opinion. ūüôā


    I also think you have a good eye. But one thing you need to watch out for in portraiture is separation of subject from background. There isn’t any in this picture.¬†http://www.flickr.com/photos/68505053@N04/8263938825/in/photostream A more blurred background would help there tremendously.


    You’ve got a lot of potential to be a great photographer.¬† I say go for it!¬† What kind of photography would you like to do?


    Thanks for the feedback! Creyes8519, I definitely would want to do photography of people. If you guys think I have potential, what exactly do I need to improve on? What steps can I take towards a career in photography?


    What steps can I take towards a career in photography?

    Business and marketing classes … 80% of a freelance photographers work has NOTHING to do wit photography. It’s all about getting clients, managing a business.

    If you hit the ground with a strong foundation in business/marketing, you’ll be putting the odds in your favor.

    reality check

    Ditto to what Evil said. ¬†A business degree will get you farther than anything else if you want to pursue being in business for yourself. ¬†Shoot shoot shoot. ¬†I’m going to make just one suggestion rather than critique your current work. ¬†Seek out some male models as well, as groups. ¬† Study posing and direction. ¬†That’s where a lot of new togs fail. ¬†I think you have an eye, and could go somewhere with this, not just because of your current images, but your realistic approach. ¬†Seems you have a good grasp on what goes into being for hire unlike so many others. ¬†I think your attitude is refreshing and wonderful to see. ¬†The fact that you are not jumping the gun makes me think you really can do this.

    word of caution though sometimes doing what you love for a living can be both a blessing and a curse. ¬†If you ever start to feel the latter, take time out to shoot for yourself. ¬†Shoot for yourself as much as possible no matter where life’s road leads you. Good luck


    Thanks everyone! Really great advice. I have been wanting to try shooting male models, groups, and events, but I just haven’t had the connections to do that yet. All of my portraits now are just of friends, or self portraits from when I see a great opportunity but nobody is around.

    I will definitely take to heart what you said about photography being more about business than anything. I know that improving and practicing my photography is what I need to do right now before ever selling my services, but business is also something I need to look into.

    Thanks again!


    I also agree with EvilDaystar. You should take both art and business/marketing courses. Even art that isn’t photography WILL help you. It all relates. In college I took a few photography courses, some drawing courses, digital art courses, sculpture, some advertising/marketing classes, and one business class. I wish I had gone further into the business field. After three years of it, I was unable to finish college due mainly to financial reasons. If I go back my plan is at least an associates in business, because I feel it will help me the most in my photography career I’m building.

    I also agree with reality check. There are times when photography can get stressful, and the cure honestly is to spend a day shooting nature, still life, or just photos of people for fun.

    One thing that will set you apart from other photographers is conveying emotion through your images. You seem to have a good start, especially being as young as you are.


    Pursue what you want to! And maybe I’ve just got my head in the clouds, but I would focus more on learning the art of photography instead of learning business. It seems like ‘business-first’ photographers aren’t nearly as creative ¬†as their counterparts.

    The best way to improve technically (that I could definitely attest to) is using a film slr, and making darkroom prints. Now, I realize that it isn’t the easiest or cost¬†efficient method. But it makes every shutter click matter so much more, and it strips away some of the frills of digital photography and stresses the craft of producing a quality image. and not to mention, a negative has so much more information than your¬†sensor¬†probably does, just a suggestion from a guy studying photography in college


    What I would also stress is look into the great photographers like Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand, Helen Levitt, William Eggleston, etc etc. and see how they deal with certain lighting, certain framing and compositional aspects of using the frame, technical stuff like that.


    Hope this helps!!

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