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    My Firefox bookmarks bar always had limited real estate and only the chosen few, my most visited sites, had a permanent spot they called their own. 1010Wins (local news), Dropbox, Amazon, Renweb (for my daughter’s grades & assignments) were just a few.

    And YANAP had the cherished plot between Speedpass and Youtube.

    Alas, such were the golden times. Before the hackers, spammers, click-backs and ‘net bots took over.

    That was some months ago. I guess I’ll just poke fun at my own photography for a time. There’s lots of targets in my lightroom catalog…


    I too thought of starting a post along the same line. However I thought there would be little point in that the only “people” who seem to frequent this site now is the hackers, spammers, bots and so forth. It’s nice to see a real person here.

    I just found yanap a little while back as someone had posted a link to a very sorry example of something. I can’t remember if it was lighting or colour or something else. I guess I missed out on the good times and it seems very few photos are posted for critique and no “real” posts are made in the forum.

    Lastly, I’ve actually been wondering if the site is on the verge of disappearing altogether. Yes there are some ads (which I don’t see due to “noscript” but again, mainly it’s not real people coming here.

    Oh, and I wonder how long it’ll take for the spammers to start doing their thing here. I too have plenty to critique of my own. No matter how someone might poke at my stuff, I truly am my worst critic.


    Many of the more mainstream photography forums seem to have suffered a downturn in usage.  A couple are expected to close early in the new year.  None of those have suffered the spam this site has, though.  Still, all of it seems a shame.


    I’ll take this opportunity to wish both of you, and any of the other regulars that may stop by, a very merry Christmas or a happy holiday season, as your individual beliefs dictate.



    Thanks for starting this thread Eyedoc. This has been on my mind for some time, I occasionally pop back hoping it will be back to normal but no it’s all gone a bit Pete Tong hasn’t it 🙁 . Oh well, it was a great site and I’m glad I caught some of the good times – it used to crack me up! For quite a while this was my favourite site, not just because it was hilarious, but mainly because it actually was a really good place for learning, with regulars who had real passion for photography, and did get affronted and vocal about all the dire stuff out there – there needs to be more of this. Thanks to everyone for making this such a great site until the spammers took over. Happy holidays everyone!


    I will take this opportunity to mention one last joke that’s been on my mind since writing this post.

    If you are familiar with the comedian Louis CK you know the flavor of humor he enjoys. In a memorable interview on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart he was asked the address to his official website for fans to buy tickets to his upcoming show in NYC. His reply:

    Louis: Yeah, that’s kind of complicated. I lost the site for awhile and my IT people managed to get it back just last week.

    Jon: How do you LOSE a website?!

    Louis: Well, we learned that a website which shows any amount of real traffic becomes a porn channel like 15 seconds after google publishes statistics on stuff like that. So for a while going to my site was a redirect to a pretty damn good hard-core site which I enjoyed very much once I was told my site was bringing folks there. I mean, I didn’t even tell my computer guy about it because I thought “Hell, how will I ever get back to see part 2 of the farm girl in daisy dukes with her half-sister?” But, you know, something had to be done for me to make money for child support.


    CC, it’s Christmas time? I haven’t rec’d that memo yet… Strange what being over 50 does to you…  🙂


    EyeDocPhotog, I’m not feeling it either.  I think the weatherman missed the memo too!  We have people hanging out in the parks in T shirts!  Great for our civic budget but hard to get in the mood with no snow.


    Ditto, here.

    I have been stalking for the last few months, popping in every once in awhile just to see if the the site moderators (if there are any) have gotten a handle on the trash post from spammers and the like, but no.
    I can only “assume” that the site is not a big revenue generator for the owners, but more of a passion project, like I say, I “assume”.

    I’m sure many of the “fauxs” out there that have been outed on this site have done their best to disrupt the site in any way they can, that would make up for probably half of the garbage posts on here, the others are most likely spambots or similar annoyances.

    I used to maintain a wordpress site for a period of time and no sooner I published a page, it was like a big welcome mat for the spammers. Luckily for me, I had verification processes in places to minimize unwanted posts and replies to the blog/forum section.

    Anyway, I still like the idea of the site and hope it cleans up and becomes useful again.

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