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    About a year ago and also about 6 months ago i asked for some CC of my work and if people thought i was ready to start charging. Feedback was that i needed to spend a bit more on accessories to accentuate the photos (i basically do only newborns). Someone also said my photos were mundane and nothing special and that i needed to jump out of my comfort zone as i was getting them more technically correct now. I have taken all advice on board and have been working my little back side off.

    I have had a few paid jobs, my clients were very happy, but then with mummy goggles on you can never be sure!

    https://www.facebook.com/SarahsPics This is my FB site, my website is STILL being built. I watermark my images on FB only to protect them, i have a few friends with horror stories. i know its a topic that can get people stirred up around here.


    thank you again



    I looked at the October ones.  They look pretty good to me.  Keep shooting.


    Looks good to me I want to know what was your shots from a year ago looking like.


    thank you guys, feel free to chime in with any areas you think im struggling with.


    this is just a little collage of the same pose, the first shot was taken roughly 20 months ago in fully auto and edited in picnik (also available in selective colour!) the bottom right image the lighting is a little flatter than i like but i like to think that i pretty much nailed the pose and the edit, it was taken a few months ago (fully manual, natural light, touch up in ACR and then into PSE to fiddle with the skin)




    You improve much much better looks good to me. How old was the first baby it looks wide awake lol. Baby on top right looks scary and the rest looks good. I got a newborn shot in December and want to know what did you put under the blanket to pose or is that a beanbag? Also you should be proud of that collage don’t forget where you came from and how you started.


    I don’t normally chime in on baby/infant photos, to me they all look too much alike when it comes to posing, but I understand why.

    Since this type of photography is not my area of expertise, I wanted to convey just my opinion in hopes it will be somewhat constructive and helpful to you.

    I like to see infant photos with some contrast to the background where the subject [the infant] does not just blend into the scenery.
    Image 1This one is nice but lacking something. I think the BG is just plain and boring, but the pose of the baby is okay.

    Image 2 Again, the baby pose is a typical pose but is just okay, just does not have that pow, but the parents will just love it.

    Image 3 This is a great example of a BG that has good contrast that is not conflicting with the subject. The BG is busy but not distracting, and not a pattern which can cause deviation from your subject.

    Image 4 This one would be better if the BG and the foreground where not so close in color or of the blanket was a different color. The photo is nice but too much of it blends into itself.

    Don’t get me wrong, your photos are nice, the focus from what I see is good, but sometimes the choice in colors make the final image a little muted and lacks a little pop.

    The first Image looks a little on the cool side and angled/slanted to the right, not sure if that was your intention or not. Besides that, the color combination definitely creates good separation and looks good.

    Keep Shooting!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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