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    Honestly I found the site while setting up a class for dslr geniuses… Basically I was building a class online to help teach peopl3 or show people that just because you have a dslr. .. doesn’t mean you needed that dslr


    and so far this site has cracked me up… so I had to join… and see if I can be allowed to point and make fun… which means you have to point and make fun of me first




    I think I know what im doing… my work has won a few comps … and been in a couple of magazines and websites


    anyways… keep fighting the good fight


    I liked the disc brakes, the fishes, and Deer Creek rapids best.  The drifting movies are cool.  The couple under the big rock looks a bit soft and the snow photos have a lot of blue, which may have been the intent.  I think you know what you are doing, too.

    …that just because you have a dslr. .. doesn’t mean you needed that dslr

    “need” is a strong word.  Some portrait and wedding photographers use medium format.  Some street photographers use rangefinders.  For some things my cell phone  camera works pretty well — usually when I am in stores or restaurants and trying to amuse myself.  To me, for ease of use and versatility a dSLR is nicest to use.  It is the best balance of size, weight, lens selection and image quality.  And, as far as I am aware, it gives the best results at high ISO in low light.

    Worst Case Scenario

    I’m only on my laptop today but most of your pics look way to dark, I didn’t delve to far back into your posts but there wasn’t much that grabbed my attention and I didn’t bother to enlarge any (assuming they can be enlarged) And you seem to be in Japan? yet none of your shots have a very oriental look. I don’t know for sure, but I’d have thought you could have found some better landscapes to shoot?

    Overall – okay but nothing that excites me, sorry


    Are you selling your work and billing yourself as a professional photographer? No? Then you aren’t a fauxtographer.


    …that just because you have a dslr. .. doesn’t mean you needed that dslr

    My last job required that, in addition to larger resolution images,  I shoot panoramics of the location with my iphone.

    For reproduction purposes, you should be shooting at least DSLR. There are issues with bit depth, color, resolution and other quality that need to be considered. But not every DSLR is good enough. Most of my studio work is shot medium format – usually Hassleblad with a Phase One or Leaf Digital Back. Anything on location where I need to move around is shot 35mm DSLR – Canon 5D Mark II or Mark III. Magazines typically won’t accept anything less than a 7D. I don’t think that Getty or Corbis accepts anything less than 7D. Although that might have changed since Getty started working with Flickr.

    I used to travel with 3 pentax bodies, 5 pentax lenses, and 1 Contax 645 with 2 contax lenses, and about 100 rolls of film. So life is much easier now.

    You should, at the very least, understand the limitations of whatever medium you are using and realize why there is an industry standard.


    cameraclicker… THANKS!

    as for needing the dslr… you get it… to a T.

    most people think that they MUST HAVE… or NEED… a dslr camera to be a photographer.  I won my 3rd comp with a point and shoot canon

    its about the image… not about the tools used.


    Worst Case… most of my stuff is a bit on the darker side… i kind of like the darker look. But then again, your monitor could probably use a calebration. Who knows.  I know on my laptop next to me they look a bit washed and bright… but on my extended monitor they look the same as how i remember them during post processing.

     As far as blowing them  up I dont think you can on tumblr.  its a way to keep the image from being used by some one else who wishes they werent a fauxtographer hahahahahahahaha I kid I kid

    The oriental comment.  I am not japanese but i lived in japan for 6 years.  So… just to let you know… that is an offensive term.  asia is a HUGE area. telling a japanese person they are Oreintal is like me telling them they are no different than a korean chinese (which by the way i was in okinawa so thats even worse)

    also… what constetutes as a japanese (im assuming thats what you ment) photo.  I dont see that being in a different location should change the way some one takes a photo.  Thats like saying the Japanese shoot differently.  They dont. 

    or are you saying that i should have taken more shots of japanese structures..

    well believe it or not… the okinawas dont like to be percieved as japanese … and are a completely different culture… (compare them to local hawaiians vs Americans) 

    The land scape of the tropical island of japan was pretty nice… but its mostly beaches and jungle… there is no large open areas… its pretty crammed on the island… but… here are a few shots from there


    so… thanks for the critique… or lack there of… but i just realized… you said you didnt delve to far back…. eh… you went a couple of pages … so thats enough for me to know you werent disgusted right off the bat hahahahahahahahaha

    oh… and just curious… can i see what work you have online WCS

    Cameraclicker… do you do much post editing? I looked threw a few of your shots… and it all looks raw… i like some of it but i think other shots could use a bit of contrast or some slight color tweaking… only commenting.  also… how was niagra… i need to make a trip there… only 6 hour drive from me i believe


    Tumblr is a horrible medium for displaying photography work. Mostly it’s a site for teens and their gifs.

    The biggest problem with p&s cameras, that I seem to have neglected is the optics. P&S are cheap which means cheap, wide, distorted optics. which I see in a lot of your photographs. and “zooming” doesn’t improve things either. Lenses are important.

    I’m sure you have a few really great photographs, but there are far too many in your sets to go through.


    oh btw, i’m on calibrated monitors – your photos are too dark.


    Here is my critique.  The originally posted link with fatpunkphotos did nothing for me.  I had to go back 3-4 pages to find a photo I really liked.  I will say the first picture of the drift sequence around the corner was nice, but then I went pages before I found something else I liked.  The landscape shots at the bottom of page 1 were dull and totally uninteresting to me.

    I will say that I was much more interested in the Japan Faves folder.  That set had a lot more photos that caught my eye and interested me.  I liked the wide shots, the landscapes, F-22 and the car photos there.  They were properly exposed and were interesting locations.  You didn’t have nearly as many shots suffering from underexposure or softness like the first link had.  I would not say you are a “fauxtog”, but you still have some things to learn.  Skin tones seem to suffer from being too red or too blue depending on the subject.  But this is more nitpicking than anything.  I would not imagine you would have to worry about showing up on this site.

    One word of advice though for you.  Please proofread.  Your posts on here are pretty bad, but even your posts on fatpunk have terrible spelling issues.  Threw instead of through.  No capitalization or punctuation to speak of.  Things like that.  The blog format itself is not bad, but the way it was written seemed very amateur in my opinion.  Just something to consider.  Unrelated to your photography itself, but definitely a perception issue.


    thanks for the comments…

    as for the grammar… hahahahah yep… not going to even argue that… i have the worst grammar ever… EVER!!!!

    im an engineer… fuck your grammar hahahaha



    I agree if you are going to be a professional photographer… you would need a DSLR. The class I teach is for people who went out and bought a DSLR camera thinking that this is the only way to shoot photos.  Or they think that now that i have this DSLR i am a pro…

    I consider my self an amature… at best

    i have been paid to do a few car events (as you can see on some of my photos) but it basically just paid for the whole experience of the event and not much more.

    i dont try to sell my photos… i really would like to print a few up and see if people would buy them at art festivals like saweeboo and what not.  But to be honest… i make plenty of money as at my day job… i dont really care to be a starving artist hahahahaha

    thanks for all the comments… its good to know i have a few shots you guys cant be to harsh about… hahahahaha

    this site amuses me… a lot hahahah



    You are not a fauxtographer in the sense that you are not in business charging for your services, and you are not a portrait/family/event tog, which is the genre that is usually discussed here.  You would never be featured here mostly due to the lack of horrendous editing and/or humorous, or interesting content/subject matter.  Is this a compliment?  sure, but…
    I’m not getting much of anything from your photography.  All I see are mediocre snap shots, which is fine.  You are a hobbyist and obviously enjoying what you do, and I encourage that way of thinking, and I’m really glad you are here instead of on a Facebook business page 😉
    There is a serious lack of consistency going on.  Your exposures, colors, comps are all over the place.  Almost as though you are taking a hundred snaps and just choosing a handful each session at random to show.  Yes, you mostly underexpose, but not enough to say “it’s the way I prefer”.  Looks more like mistakes to me.
    Do you ever finish/print your work?  If not, maybe that’s the next step.  By regularly finishing, you’ll learn more about what works and what doesn’t and it may just improve the way you shoot.

    Teaching?!?!  You asked for my opinion and here it is:  You have no business teaching anyone about photography, especially online given your communication skills.  It would be a huge disservice to them, and to your own photography. NO you do not SUCK!  and that is not what I am trying to say.  I’m with you that more people need to allow themselves to be amateurs and just because they have a camera they are all that and a bag of chips, and need to go out there and try to make some money with it, without even first taking a good look at their camera manuals. And I get that you want to do something to help, but… I don’t think this is the way to go about it.   I think you should instead, slow down and take the time and effort to improve your photography, instead of trying to improve others that shoot bellow your very remedial skill level.  Teach more by example.  Until then, this is a great place to vent about how you feel about things, and I hope you stick around and start giving your 2 cents.

    Just on a side note: My photography has won awards, and comps, and has been blogged and whatnot, but I am not an award winning photographer by any stretch of the imagination lol.  I know just enough about photography that I know that I cannot in good conscience teach, or sell my photography services to the public.  Humble pie anyone?  I’ll share a slice with you.


    Niagara is about two hours by car, if traffic is good.  If it is a six hour drive for you, plan to stay near the falls and bring a tripod.  They light the falls at night.  We took a couple, from Calgary, to the falls for the afternoon.  We had to have them back in Toronto for dinner at 8:30, so we were back in the car at 5:30.  We stopped at Inniskillin Wines on the way back which turned out to be the highlight of the trip for them.  There are too many photos in that gallery but they are all there just for that couple to see and the server has lots of space.

    Most shots are just converted from raw; white and black points might get set and a little extra contrast added before resizing and some sharpening.   Most only get a minute of post processing.   Exceptions were the ends of tunnels with water dripping down.  Those were double converted from the raw files and layered together because the water was six or seven stops brighter than the walls.  The signs are all along the tunnels and were shot with just the tunnel lighting (with me trying to stand so as to block out hot spots) then adjusted to make the printing white.  They were mostly around 1/60th, at f/2.8 with ISO 10,000 — which would be a challenge with a lot of cameras.


    I’ll chime in with your photos are too dark. There is low key and there is underexposed by at least a stop, your is the latter.

    Worst Case Scenario

    I have 30 years experience working with colour, processing and printing film and e6 and working in CMYK for print output. I started out on Photoshop 2 and have a fully calibrated computer set up. Even on my laptop I can tell a badly exposed image, but as I’m having a day off I thought I’d give you the benefit of the doubt and tell you that I’m only on a laptop. ( albeit a top of the range Macbook pro). As everyone else has already said the same thing I think I’m safe in saying this before I get to work tomorrow.

    Your images are DULL. Both in exposure and content. Your panoramas are so wide that you can’t see any details so they look like they could have been taken anywhere. Hence the not very oriental comment. I only delved back into you site two pages because the videos were taking so long to load that I couldn’t be bothered to wait. It looked to me like a petrol heads site with a couple of snapshots of views.

    If you are not charging for your photos, then you are not a faux. But based on what I can see, you certainly should not be teaching photography.


    Not sure if asking for our opinion on your Fat Punk Photos was a great idea because there is a (in my opinion) vast difference in style from your flicker feed.  I wouldn’t have thought you did those photo’s on flicker if it wasn’t from me looking at all 5 pages on your Fat Punk Photo’s.

    Why not post those?  There are actually some really great photo’s.  I have to agree about the darkness but in a sense would probably print really well on Metallic photo paper.  I do love the cherry blossoms.  As someone mentioned above, getting your work printed will allow you to see if post processing is needed and/or needs to be changed.  And please use a Pro-lab to make your prints.

    I would suggest another medium for sharing photo’s.  Blogger, WordPress, Smugmug.  Where you can share larger and better quality photo’s.


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