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    @Browneyedgirl, those are really inconsistent! Did he say how old those pictures are? Because the style of their hair/makeup and clothes seems pretty 90s to me (maybe earlier?). And then you go from those pictures to the more recent ones and it looks like he forgot how to do photography… I don’t know if the older pictures are legitimately his.


    Well, how can you go wrong with a fauxtographer who will aim for your “happyness” and generally just make you “extatic” with his “pitures”. Really? There are so many grammatical and spelling/punctuation errors I could barely make out what he was trying to get across. Oh, and the photos suck, too.


    So this guy is your friend and you’re on here telling people to friend request him on facebook to laugh at him?!  Wow, I’m glad you’re not my friend.


    LOL, well when i say “friend” what I really mean is he associates with my group of friends and it makes it kind of hard to get rid of him. I’ve spoken to him, in person, maybe twice in my entire life. All the photographers I hang around with include him in the group…. they are trying to help him shake the bad rap but i doubt it. . .

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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