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    I previously posted for some photography feedback and I really took them. Especially the under-exposing comment. I was looking at my photos under different monitor settings and I completely agreed that my pictures were chronically under-exposed to the point where I re-edited all my pictures and re-posted them on my website.

    I’ve been only doing this since September 2012 and I’ve been doing mostly TFP shoots practically every weekend or other weekend. I think I’m getting better…I hope!

    Sorry for the long introduction. Here is my portfolio website that shows my overall work – http://www.photosbyanjanette.com

    I believe I really improved with my last 3 photoshoots. I hope you think so too!

    2/23 Photoshoot (editing still in progress)


    2/10 Photoshoot

    1/28 Photoshoot

    My husband is telling me to remove these particular photos off my website because it’s not up to par with the rest of my work. I know her shoot wasn’t my best, especially with the low lighting.

    Be gentle please! LOL!



    You’re doing very well for starting out. Your composition is good! Good eye. Everything’s subjective so that part of it’s fine.


    http://www.photosbyanjanette.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/karim1.jpg  —- pants look overexposed/high contrast? I don’t know if that’s done on purpose.

    and  the train tracks….—a little over exposed on the right.

    On your last set, I like 1 and 4, maybe with a little bit of editing.


    Out of curiosity, are you on full manual with your camera? Using the light meter? Also are you using Lightroom or Aperture? Shooting in RAW?


    haha never mind I saw your previous posts on editing. I think your experience as a graphic designer definitely helps develop the eye. I also took up photography  7 yrs ago after being a graphic designer/web designer for 8 years myself. It is different to go from landscape to people. But I think you are well on your way!


    Thanks for your feedback. To answer your questions, I mostly shoot aperture priority. I use full manual mode when I use my Yongnuo speedlight because it’s fully manual and it’s not a TTL. I do bracket my shots, but I don’t use the light meter in my camera as much. I know, I need to use it more! I think I’m doing bracketing all wrong because I make my adjustments, take a shot, look at my LCD screen, make more adjustments, and then I continue the cycle. This probably slows down the process and looking at my camera’s light meter would be much easier. (I tend to make things harder on myself. LOL)

    I shoot in both RAW and JPG, but since I started using Lightroom, I rarely touch my unedited JPG files. I prefer Lightroom over Aperture because the transition to Photoshop is easier with Lightroom. I start my editing with Lightroom, and if I need to do more retouching, I open the file in Photoshop.

    I’ve been told that I’m good with the overall composition. I just need to work on making my photos stand out in a good way!


    You have some nice work.  But really, you need to be on a forum with better critique by professionals such as Fred Miranda or even PhotoCamel (there’s a professional critique sub forum where the only critique comes from actual working professionals).  You’ll get a better assessment there.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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