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    Yes, redbubble is a nice community.  The worst that can happen over there is hearing nothing but crickets, and if you find it to be quiet enough to hear the crickets….something is terribly wrong with your art

    Look, there is nothing wrong with having a place to share everything you shoot.  I show off my snap shots and vaca pics all the time on FB, and have a bazillion photos/albums going on over there, I love a ton of my not so technically correct photos, ADORE them!  All photographers have a dumping ground of some sort.  We don’t always shoot to thrill lol.  We all use our cells, and/or point and shoots or crappier/older dslrs, and have a life and realize that not every picture we take is golden.  I don’t ask for critique on FB and I don’t send other photogs to my FB either, it’s just not what it’s for.  But, you were asking if you were professional enough or not and sent us to your dumping ground.  To be honest, I saw nothing that popped out at me while going through your gallery.  Nothing that said “this girl is on her way”.  What has me convinced that you will be ok, is the fact that you stuck around to face the heat, and that you came here to ask to begin with.  Keep personal shots personal, and “professional” or more serious shots professional.  Nothing wrong with sharing your good stuff at your dumping ground, BUT never put personal snaps into your portfolio, or no one will ever take you seriously.

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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