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    The AF adjustment could vary from lens to lens. It is adjustable yourself to a point (minor front or back) but anything major would need to be sent in. Problem is a lens on your body may behave completely differently from a different body, so the manufacturer might not be able to “fix” it.


    I tend to think people want me to just rush through and get them home then I rush and make stupid mistakes ( like not adjusting my aperture for dof). It’s a mess in my head sometimes.

    You need to remember that you are there to make great photos for them, not get them in and out the door quickly. Take your time. If you are having issues and need to clear your head and figure shit out, tell them “Just give me a couple of minutes while I take a look through.” They’ll wait. You should always be clear on that. If you are struggling, they are most confident in you when you can definitively say, “I can figure this out”. Best not to let them know you are struggling though.

    But anyway I wanted to overexpose because of the black dog that I knew was in the shade of their bodies. Sometimes I do think, just not always on the right things.

    It would have been easier to open up the dog when exposing properly than to bring everything down. or better yet, bring the dog around to sit in front of the girl to kind of hide her bad pose. It’s easy to say now, obviously. Do you have an assistant with you. I choose my assistants based on what they bring to the table. I was working with an assistant yesterday struggling to get the light right and I didn’t even bother to ask him what he thought. Luckily he said, “Why don’t we do this”. He did it and it was genius! Could have saved me a lot of headache to ask his opinion earlier. He spoke up when he realized I was getting nowhere. My point is that two heads are sometimes better than one and even better if that second head is smarter than yours.


    also, i saved the psd. i can send it to you so you can see my layers, if you want.


    That would be amazing if you could! You can send it to vampiressjt@yahoo.com ( and don’t judge the email, I made it when I was like 14 😉 ) I wish I had an assistant. Especially for that shoot, when I knew it was a harsher time of day even with big clouds. I used to have a friend when I was in Alaska, who was a make up artist and a damn good model ( not that she modeled, but she knew how to model instinctively) we did many awesome shoots together because we were awesome sounding boards, with her as the subject and as an assistant. ( that’s her in my avatar thing). She lives in texas now 🙁 I just need to find someone like that again I think.

    I did much better with my nerves ( also switched lenses >.<) tonight on a shoot I did for a local magazine ( sort of got tossed it cause they needed someone to take them) and I’m actually really happy technically with the pictures. Creatively I still need work, but I think I need to focus on focusing my mind on the technical side and getting that to be second nature. It’s also making editing them a breeze. so yea there’s that haha. she liked the ones I sent to check my headroom and what not, so yay.

    I’ve been going over in my head today why I think i have this need to rush because I feel it’s expected. I came to the realization, I haven’t had my portrait taken outside of a box studio since I was probably 8, and that was by my dad. I think I need to find a good photographer here in the area and just go through the process. While they are obviously going to be faster at it then me, at least I can see what it’s like from the other side. That doesn’t sound too spy-ey does it? lol


    If you have a photo printer, you can use a chart like this:  http://regex.info/i/FocusChart-v1.0-gray05.gif

    The blog entry the chart is from, is here:  http://regex.info/blog/2008-12-16/1029

    Canon has an option to micro adjust focus but I think it may only work if you use Canon lenses.  Nikon may have a similar limitation.  Focus is a combination of lens and body so you may have to send a lens or two for repair.

    I’m marginally more awake than last time I visited this thread.  Looking at the photos now, I notice with most of the edits, I like looking at your mountain more than the couple!  That may be a strong argument for using one of the blur tools to change your background, or to concentrate on getting the light right for each part of the photo.  As it is, your couple becomes the foreground interest objects in a landscape photo instead of the background being the support for an environmental portrait.


    Worst Case Scenario

    I had a go as well. Apart from the crop and the clone on the rock, this was all done with blending modes. No Levels or curves or contrast adjustments. Screen mode to bring out the dog, Multiply mode to darken the sky, Soft light to give it a bit of boost. It took me longer to find my Flickr password!




    transfer sent through We Transfer. Be on the lookout. My layers are rough, and I would suggest processing out two separate high rez images – one properly exposed for the people, and one properly exposed for the sky. Lay the sky layer over the whole image and then mask in darker layer. Make sure contrast numbers are the same for each exposure. Should turn out beautifully. If you like the high pass sharpening but aren’t sure how to do it, let me know.


    love the way the dog is popping in WCS’s version.

    Additionally, i’d get rid of the grass on the beach too.

    The messiness of the beach is bothering me a little too…which..reminds me of another story

    I was on a different job in the caribbean working with this photographer who wanted to do a beach shot. It was to be for the cover of the magazine and the beach was kind of busted. He wanted to smooth the sand on this freaking wide shot of the beach and thought we could do it with a few 5 gallon buckets. We had to mask off beach to find the edges of his shots and then work from the furthest point towards the water, all the way to the camera. We’d get some of it looking ok and then someone would walk over it. We did our best to tell them not to walk there, but the people would get angry at us. About half way through getting it looking marginally better, the fucker decides to change his angle. Long story short, I asked him when we were close to getting done if he liked it and he said, “Not really”. I fucking lost it, threw the bucket at him and said “fucking do it yourself, then”. We shot the shot, and they ended up not using it. I was so pissed.

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