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    I’ve been coming to this site for quite a long time.  Now I’ve been practicing, reading critiques and so on.     I have a D5100, I primarily use my 50mm  1.8 and my 55-300mm for most of my photos.   For the last month I have been using an off camera flash with softbox.   I’ve been doing photo shoots for friends and family.  Ready for some critiques to push myself to learn more.   I do use Lightroom and just a tiny bit with photoshop so far.   I know I am one thats bad, when  I learn a technique, I over do it for a bit, then catch myself.

    I’m ready for the critiques…..I think!  lol



    Ok the very first photo I see is bad:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/115907875@N06/14558465545/

    You are way too close to the model and her features look distorted. IMHO you should delete this from your portfolio.

    For the rest of the portfolio I would say: 20% Bad photos, 20% Good and 60%Average. Now don’t get me too wrong, I see potential. But you really need to practice and learn a few more things. It is a period of trial and error. It took me 2 years to figure out how to effectively use off-camera flash. At the beginning my photos were way worst than yours. Then I bought a light meter!!!


    Worst Case Scenario

    fautox 1977 has summed it up well, the worst thing on your port is the cheesy posing – hand hearts and holding signs are so naff!  Cut your image count down by 2/3’s and you should be left with a nice set of images that aren’t faux at all.


    lol  the hand hearts and the signs were what they wanted.  That seems to be a big thing in my area, not sure if its everywhere else.   Thanks Worst Case!

    I am hoping for some more critiques on the lighting and trying to figure out how to get it better 1977.  I so appreciate your input on it.  I’m playing with different angles, etc.  Would love some more on that if anyone has time.


    1. If people ask for hand hearts and signs, explain to them why it’s bad. You’re supposed to be the “professional”.

    2. Stop it with the watermarks. No one is going to steal engagement photos of a cop and his fiancee.

    3. Get proper gear. Kit lenses and a entry level crop body aren’t going to cut it.


    Bottom line, if you’re doing this for free, it’s not bad. But if you’re charging people for this, you’re  a fauxtog.


    Thanks.  I hardly ever use the kit lenses.  On occasion one for car shows as I have no interest in getting a wide angle.  I sold the d600. Staying with the 7100 and the 5100 for right now.  Still trying to master the 70-200 lens we just got, but much more fun with a 500mm so the poor 70-200 will sit for awhile.  Lol. I forgot I showed the flickr page here.



    “Stop it with the watermarks. No one is going to steal engagement photos of a cop and his fiancee.”

    Don, I think she uses the watermark more for marketing.  She’s been in “business” since April I believe.  She ran specials in Aug and July one for $50 and the other for $75 and shot her first wedding in April, or prior to that as it was posted in April.

    I don’t know…. I don’t think I have anything else to add here as far as critique goes, just hate that the poster kind of lead off on the wrong foot, and lead us to believe she was just practicing on friends and family… and/or she’s leading the public to believe differently on her website and social media and tells them she’s a professional, and asks them to pay her for her expertise.  Either way she’s kind of dishonest

    Look there is absolutely nothing wrong with being in business… but why tell us otherwise?  Is it because you knew we would say “Bottom line, if you’re doing this for free, it’s not bad. But if you’re charging people for this, you’re  a faux tog.” because you already know you haven’t put much time or effort into thing before you opened up shop?

    Here are some articles/links you might find helpful





    If you are going to be in business… price for profit and be legit and legal.  If it’s just you kind of pretending for fun… then carry on and join the very large club that helped get this website started.

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