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    I’m having a problem here an need some fellow photographers insight. Maybe it’s just me, but I am not sure this guy is totally legit or not.

    I see his post all the time in Craigslist, yes I cruise through the local Craigslist to see what is going on around me. It just does not make too much sense to me. At first glance, this guy does okay work, but I’m not totally convinced it’s all his.
    Looking at his gallery on 500px, I see very nice looking women in erotic bedroom poses, but then scroll to the bottom and a world of difference in type of photography and quality.

    So far, I have found that he has butchered Author Rothstein’s “Night View” by adding his own elements to it and modernizing it HERE.

    I don’t want to sound like I am jealous, but I see so many red flags and want to call foul. I believe he may be a good photoshop artist, but not a photographer, but I am not 100% sure.

    I found another example of work he shows as his but is not.

    Original and

    His version.

    What do you guys think?


    My vote is “legit”

    I searched for many images from his 500px page and found a bunch … also under his name on a different site:  http://modeldesire.com/albums/view/3222

    Rothstein’s photo is on Flickr with a note that it is in the public domain.  And, Ferrer did a Photoshop job on it.  He doesn’t say where he got the photo but the cars are older than he is, and he states he edited an old photo.

    The Coke bottle you show as “Original”, is the stolen, edited version.  “His version” is the original.  The link to “Original” is http://eirao.com/print_illustration/print_illustration.html, where you will see a yellow flower, which if you search, will appear on a lot of pages, in a lot of sizes.

    Unless she were present and the girls were paying a lot for the photos, my wife would be upset with me if I took photos of women dressed like that.  Otherwise I don’t see any problem with taking both portraits and product shots.  He has a few theatre photos and a couple of landscapes as well.  He has used several different cameras, but so have I.    What red flags am I missing?  I like the photos I have seen.


    I appreciate all the work you did CC, I really think that the guy does good work, but Maybe I was looking for something that just was not there.

    I don’t know the guy personally, would not mind meeting him, maybe see how he thinks.  I think I was seeing things that looked too good for someone of his caliper to be posting on Craigslist.

    It does say he is looking for fresh faces, I get that.  Usually, the deals you see on Craigslist are typically lop-sided  to benefit the poster rather than the poster.

    I will be the first to admit where I am wrong and I am glad that I am on this one.



    I don’t know about the Craig’s List part.  I’ve never spent any time there.

    He is on LinkedIN:  http://www.linkedin.com/pub/heberto-ferrer/17/995/2b6  If you click the link to his page, you see some of the same images he has on 500px, and his page says he is in LA, plus there is a phone number.   His profile says he went to Santa Monica College (Associate of Arts (A.A.), Comercial Photography, 20072009) and has been doing photography for 5 years.

    Apparently there are deals to be had on Craig’s list.

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