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    It seems rather silly that you would put such finality on that second to last post, only to come back with a “Oh, and by the way, other than the first five comments, I’m ignoring you.”

    I think myself, EMF and IHF have offered up very critical and honest opinions regarding your work.
    Another word of advice: Don’t turn to the internet to try and seek praise. Don’t fish for it. If your work is truly deserving of it, you should expect critiques or comments with more meticulous notes regarding the best nips and tucks to really make a piece shine. A shallow “love it” or “oooh pretty!” will get you no where and shouldn’t be what you go looking for.


    I was part of the first 5 comments, and yes, I said keep shooting and progressing, but I’m sorry, the messages you are conveying  in this entire thread has some cockiness to it. I think that’s why people are not responding well to what you’re saying, despite that in the past, we were defending your work when a bonafied fauxtographer tried to bash you. I see this post as you’re biting the hand that feeds you when you included “Suck it” in the title, when it was supposedly only geared towards one person.

    I’m kind of on the same boat as you. I have only been doing this for about a year, not counting the previous years as a hobbyist,  (my portfolio – http://www.photosbyanjanette.com/) , so I understand the excitement from the feedback you’ve been getting from other people about your photography. I’ve had friends and family rave about my work, and even have blown away a few seasoned photographers in my area when I tell them that I’ve been only doing this for a year. One photographer even told me I should be quitting my day job and focus on my photography.  It’s been exciting for me and I’ve been on this high for the past year.

    However, this website has brought me down to earth through these forums. I have shown my absolute favorite shots that has gotten me all excited, only to receive lukewarm responses on here, with some very helpful constructive criticism.  Those criticisms has helped me see my shots in a different light, and I strive to improve.

    While your photos do not deserve to be on the home page (which it hasn’t), I agree with everyone here. I’m not really blown away by your work. There is not one image on your Facebook that makes me want to stay and keep browsing. The example that you showed us when you were surprised that everyone said it was just “okay” was only alright with me. To me, it’s just adequate.

    I also agree with iliketag that you’re just fishing for compliments. Whenever I come here to show my work, I brace myself for any feedback, bad or good.



    Iliketag, entertaining though 😉

    If I didn’t know better I would think she was joking around in a satirical type of way.

    Alarnold, I agree with everything you’ve said here.

    I think maybe it might have been me that turned her off somehow. I did get a little personal in my response to her in the other thread. It’s just she/her situation reminded me so much of my friend who had great successes by taking a break from her business and getting back to her photography. (Due to feeling overwhelmed and taken advantage of) It was only advice, not gospel. I know it helped my friend so very much, and she’s now full time and supports her family with her photography.
    I think by having someone with malicious intent link her business here she read everything and anything that was said in the most negative light possible. My offer of understanding and help/advice was read as “you have no business being in business! You suck!”, instead of my true intent of trying to help her find her confidence. Legitimate confidence not, “I’m good, so suck it!”.

    I’m sorry if I put you off Bolejack. Not my intention at all, but I cannot apologize for my honesty. I’m not one to blow hot air, or beat around the bush.


    btw love the first 5 comments. Gave me help with critique and lifted me up thanks a buch! =)

    I told myself I would not reply to this thread anymore as I don’t believe you’re ready to receive actual critique or really understand the process. But this comment irks me. The purpose of critique is to get OBJECTIVE insights into your work – the good, the bad and the plain old ‘meh’. It’s purpose isn’t just to ‘lift you up’ as you say. It’s purpose is to make you critically evaluate your work and ask yourself, ‘how can I make this better?’. What can I do better next time? No one is trying to bring you down, people are actually just trying to help you. Your friends and family will do all the ‘you go girl’ and all the other enthused accolades you want. That is all well and good but it won’t help you grow as an artist.

    IHF posted some great links, you would benefit a lot from reading them.


    Everyone was defending your work awhile back when that nutcase was bashing you. But I looked at your work and I wouldn’t call it great as a whole yet. Some images, yes, were pretty great, but some had issues with exposure, halo-ing, shadows.

    This one that you posted: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=561437820576531&set=a.561427137244266.1073741871.229987970388186&type=3&theater

    Personally I do not like the shadows on her face, and the harshness of the light source. I’ve seen this technique work really well before, but it’s not really an easy technique. I think the angle of your lighting should have been different to produce a more dramatic and “awesome” effect. Not saying it’s horrible, but your attitude like “oh you don’t think this is great? Do I need glasses?” rubs me the wrong way.

    I agree with the others, there is a strange edge sharpening applied. Photos don’t always look very good on Facebook but I don’t think that’s it. They are over-softened (some appear like you used the Portraiture software that is commonly used for models and boudoir) and it’s too much.

    You have the knowledge to be really good, but I think you still need to give yourself time. Owning a camera for only a year usually doesn’t allow you to really know everything.


    Yeah, something weird with the skin softening.

    When you post to facebook, size to 2048 pixels on the long edge and with a JPG quality of 100 (LR), 12 (Photoshop), basically as high as you can get it. Do not compress it. When you upload them, that should make them look much, much better on Facebook (though not quite as good as somewhere like Flickr)


    you think this work is just ok???? lol maybe i need glasses.


    No I don’t think it’s just ok. I think it’s just bad. Looks flashed, harshly. bad pose. And her groom is your dumb watermark. It holds more interest than the image itself.

    I think it’s great that you think you are awesome. But telling people that you are awesome just makes you look like an asshole. Expecting people to tell you that you are awesome is just incredibly pathetic and it makes me feel a bit sad for you.


    Sorry but if you are confident in your work you wouldn’t feel the need to come back here and tell everyone to ‘suck it’. I agree with ebi 100%. Attitude says alot.


    ….. and, she changed her screen name and removed her photo.


    Good grief!


    lol, typical. Some of those photos scream “look, I’m learning OCF!”


    i honestly wasnt trying to come off as arrogant or so confident in my work. I was just saying All the people saying I could go anywhere I am learning and improving everyday and not giving up. I am by far great but I think I have great and improving work everyday. and yes they sream im learning ocf becuase I am!!! Learning is fun and that exactly what Im doing. Some take this so serious with this form. Is this better?









    Hope everyone is having a great day. Yes I deleted my photo and change my name to Amber because thats my name =)


    “i honestly wasnt trying to come off as arrogant or so confident in my work. I was just saying All the people saying I couldn’t go anywhere I am learning and improving everyday and not giving up”

    Amber, that’s all fine and good, but NO ONE ever said anything even remotely close to “you will never go anywhere”. No one even called you a faux. No one said anything to you or about your work that could be taken as bashing or “you should give up and put the camera away”. Nothing untrue or derogatory, or over critical was ever said to you about your work. We all said very positive things to you, and the OP about your work, and tried to not only explain to the OP that she was wrong, and why, but also encourage you.
    Voices in your head? A fantastic imagination that borders on paranoia? I don’t know for sure what your problem is, but… It’s not us

    Seriously, a hard core fauxtographer made up some stuff about you treating your clients badly/rudely and said you over edit, and implied that you were a hack. She was more than put straight by everyone here. PLEASE don’t take what she said as our words, and don’t let what she said get to you. She was wrong. Not to the point of “holy cow! Amber’s work is freakin amazing! I could only hope to be that good someday!!”, and maybe this is what bothers you so much. Photographers, will never say that unless they absolutely mean it. We don’t hand out praise or admiration lightly, and those that DO get this sort of praise have earned it wholeheartedly. The rest of us “ok” photographers have to settle for things like “eh, I have no problem with you charging. Your work seems consistent enough”. Or “I like the shot quite a lot, but…” Or “not a huge fan of your work, but I see real potential” or “I like what you are trying to go for here, but…” Or “hey! Nice shot, but the composition or lighting, or POV is a little off”. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. So you are an “ok” photographer just like the rest of us, and you have very little experience just like quite a few of us here. Get over it! We all suck. We all want to be better, and are constantly working at it.
    You’re no better or no different than any of us! So YOU suck it!

    So This post didn’t go well, and you embarrassed yourself a little. Yes, you are a beginner, you are learning, and doing well with it. You are not a hack. (Although your behavior is pretty classic faux) We get it. We see it. You are not telling us anything that we don’t already know and have already said ourselves over and over. Just move on and get over it.


    You’re acting like the obnoxious skinny girl who calls herself fat and wants everyone to go crazy with the compliments, and then after receiving them.. Says  “why does everyone think I’m too skinny?!”


    ok ill attempt once more to explain myself with this post. THIS WAS NOT DIRECTED TOWARDS ANYONE ON THIS SITE. I was just saying I was on this site earlier getting bashed and to anyone  that think my work sucks or photography isnt worth my time then suck it (if that doesnt apply to you then it isnt for ya) . It was only directed to people that have told me I wouldnt make nothing of myself. It actually wasnt even directed towards the photographer that posted me on this site. I was just saying I was on this page being put down and anyone that wants to put me down as a person or photographer they can kick rocks =) As soon as i stand up for myself im always the one that seems like im the horrible person or Being “the skinny girl calling herself fat” haha Im tired of explaining myself when really i just was wanting everyone know Im still around even after all the hardship ive been though. All the statistics saying I wouldnt be anything. Thanks for the Love support and encouragement. Im done………………….reply if you may. I really wish i wasnt directed onto this site because now i feel a need to stick up for myself on this site now. and now that i did this is what happens. And i am in no way embarrassed at all. I dont let what I say or others say embarrass me. =) You may judge me and my work all you want but you dont know me. byeeeee!!! oh and instead of this post being about my work and getting help with my work im getting more talk about the stupid title. This was a waste of time

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