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    Yes, I remember you. Someone came here to bash you, but she made herself look really dumb because her work was really awful. I remember everyone was defending you, albeit with some constructive criticism of  your work. Well, just keep shooting and progressive. Fauxtogs are the ones who are oblivious that their work is bad, are too complacent, and think they don’t need any improvements. You don’t fall into that category.


    A quick look at your work, not bad at all, definitely not a faux. One suggestion I would make though, ditch the facebook gallery and set up a nice easy flowing website to really showcase your work. You don’t have to get rid of facebook all together, but I would use it to highlight your work and use it to direct traffic towards your web site where your best work can really shine.

    Most would say that the watermark is distracting, and they would be right, but using facebook as your gallery, I understand why you need it.

    I don’t recognize the name from that long ago, but I barely remember what I did this morning, lol.


    I think Im a pretty good photographer =) good day!


    I like it.  But, I have some constructive criticism for you:  On my monitor there is a halo around your subjects.  Either the masking was slightly off when you replaced the sky, or there is too much sharpening.


    I think it’s just Facebook being lame.  They changed something with the photos again.


    That’s a good argument for using Flickr, pBase, 500px, or your own page instead of Facebook.



    I’d hardly call being told that what you do is worth more than what you pay yourself, and some sharpening/editing was slightly heavy due to trying to compensate for Facebook, bashing. You received lots of complements, encouragement, advice and we all had your back when that faux (who obviously doesn’t know a thing about what makes a good photograph) tried to feed you to the lions for whatever reason.

    I don’t feel any of us need to suck it. You aren’t telling us anything we didn’t already know, and tried to tell you.  Maybe try to re read what was said now that things are less fresh and heated?


    I don’t know if  “good” is the right word. You’re “ok”. Your images kind of all look the same. You have a lot of color inconsistency and exposure issues.

    There is really nothing on your fb page that is blowing me away.


    I wasnt telling everyone to suck it…just those that said I wouldnt go anywhere. For only 1 year of owning my own camera Im pretty good! Yes good actually pretty great considering ive been doing photography 2 short years. yeah fb really distorts my images and I try to compensate for that but I do get carried away with sharpening. it looks great before uploading to fb. I have a website thats been up for about a year but im currently working on getting everything the way I want before publishing =) And actually that was the actual sky. I got mixed up this was the one i added a little to. only because the client asked for their to be more clouds. I try to please my customers 🙂



    I would say, given the context of your tone in this entire thread, that yes; it is just OK.

    The image is oversharpened, giving it jagged edges when most brides prefer a slightly softer, feminine look. Not out of focus soft, but not jagged either.
    There are no catchlights in her eyes, which draws my attention away and into the brightest part of the image, her right breast (left side of image). She is also looking too far right (again, left side of image). Though there is some white on the other side of her eyes, again, it does not draw me in and I am distracted by the blown highlights in her dress and arm.
    The shadows on the left side of her face (right side of image) are very dark, which means the light wasn’t spread well and it’s a hard light.
    The tree branches on the left side of the image should be cloned out. Having the random shadow where I expect seamless sky is distracting to the overall image.

    The reason I am not jumping up and down congratulating you is because you came in here without conveying context to the newer forum lurkers/contributors. You were defended very heavily when you were, as IHF so aptly put it, thrown to the lions. Copping an attitude will not win you any favor here and by declaring “SUCK IT” with no background/context,  puts a lot of doubt in my mind that you will outgrow the naivete most new photographers suffer from early on in their businesses.

    I agree with Ebi.


    I agree with IHF, from what I saw, you were defended on this site – rather than getting bashed. You are telling us all to suck it lol – if that wasn’t what you meant then the original title of this thread is wrong.

    I don’t think I need glasses, the image is ok but tbh, it’s not a wow image, and flicking through that of many wouldn’t make me stop.

    Others here are far more qualified to nit pick the tech stuff, to me it looks alright, though I agree with iliketag’s  evaluation. The first thing I noticed about it though was that the composition doesn’t quite work.  I’m all for negative space but I think here misses the mark. That’s the biggest B I find about this art form, you have to nail EVERYTHING. I.e. you have to get the comp, moment, expression (in portraiture), Light, POV, Focal length all on top of the technical stuff, to get anything that comes close to good. With this image, a few things are good but other aspects miss. What seems like a straightforward art form is actually really difficult to get right. You’re doing ok but after 2 years no one has nailed it.

    You seem like you are keen to nail the technical stuff, which is great. But one of the best things you can do to improve your work is to learn to listen to critique and see your work objectively – a great aid to doing this is seeking the opinion of others – with whom you have no emotional attachment.


    Oh wow! The attitude just keeps getting worse and worse. Kinda funny

    I don’t think I’ll say another word, it would probably be misconstrued as “you’ll never go anywhere” and further “bashing”. (Eye roll)

    5 Things You Should Know About Receiving Photography Critique


    25 Photo Composition Tips



    I’ll just leave these links sitting here, it’s up to you if you research further or not, or get anything at all that pertains to your situation from them. I wish you the best.



    Ok so maybe I came off as arrogant or something but really what the post was about is i feel confident in my work and im very happy about how far i have come. i Know i have a lot of work and learning to do but as far as right now I do believe that I am where I want to be with only 2 years of experience. I shall delete this and my account on this oh so stupid site. I was hoping to get “you go girl” “your work is improving” . I believe in myself to do great things dont need anyone else to bring me down thats for sure. But thanks for the critique! Its been heard. So now to improve. Good bye everyone!! The title was just an attention grabber guess it brought the wrong kind of attention to my post but I had no intentions on me coming off as the best or greated photographer thats for sure! Thanks everyone!


    btw love the first 5 comments. Gave me help with critique and lifted me up thanks a buch! =)


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