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    Hey guys! I would love some constructive criticism on my photos. I’ve never gone to school for it, and have never even though of doing that… I just absolutely love to take pictures.

    Here is some of my work.





    Worst Case Scenario

    Well they are sharp and mostly well exposed, but if these are the best four shots you have you need to get out more. There’s a whole world out there but you only have shots that look like they were taken in your yard. There are some cat fans here who will probably tell you they are good but they don’t hold much interest to me. Sorry but there are millions of cat pics on the net already.


    take more.


    Cat’s mouth has too much out of focus.  Usually if there are eyes in the photo, the eyes should be in focus.  Sometimes focus is used to draw the viewer’s attention to a specific part of an image.  What story are you trying to tell with a pink nose in focus and the rest out of focus?

    Grey cat is not bad but not special.  A slightly wider shot so as to not cut the ear might have been better.

    The toad photo would be better if the toad were about four times larger in the frame.  It might be better if the toad were in a natural environment and not being held.

    The focal point of the child photo is the pacifier.  It should probably be the child?  That photo is a good example of how light falls off but otherwise it is not special to anyone outside the family.  The child looks unhappy, is in so-so light, probably without a reflector or fill flash, is in need of a hair cut, the eyes could be open and sharper…

    Ebi’s advice is good, shoot more, a lot more.  Review them regularly to see what you like.  Try to figure out why you like the ones you like then go in that direction.


    I don’t qualified to judge your photos, but I just wanted to let you know I think that most of those were adorable.  I know that’s off topic, but I thought I’d let you know anyway.


    I have to agree. The photos are not bad, but not inspiring and look like they would be part of your personal page and not a photo gallery of any sort.

    Ebi & CC are right, get out and take more shots, even if it’s only in your yard, house or around the block. Get a vision in your head and try to convey the story through the images you take. Remember the old saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” You don’t want those words to be that your photos are bad.


    Thanks guys :).  And like I said, these are all for my personal pleasure only.  I’ve never considered myself anything more than a hobbyist.  I’m actually a Police Officer, never went to photography school or wanted to for that matter.  But just doing this as a hobby has me realizing how difficult of work you guys have.  So much goes into photography.


    Are you processing your images? I think most can be improved by developing the ‘film’.  I see the pics and i think “okay, I see what I’m looking at” – without being neccessarily inspired.  Keep shooting, and keep developing.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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