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    So I am not a fauxtographer that charges for work. I have however been spending a lot of my very limited spare time over the last 4 years learning as much as possible about photography.
    I love that this site understands that everyone can start out rough , but if they are willing to they can certainly improve and move past those early horrors. It’s not about telling people they suck, it’s really more of an attempt to say put in the time , learn the skills, and do it right before you start charging.
    The interest began with a digital point and shoot that had manual capability. Would I have ever tried to start a business with that camera and my skill level? Helltotheno . I studied everything I could find, I talked to other photographers wiling to share knowledge, I shot as much as free time allowed. When I felt I had hit the limits of my p and s, I scrimped and saved for my used canon 7D. I have watched myself go from orange skin and blown out highlights when I first started shooting to increasingly better photos. I’ve spent countless hours learning to process in Photoshop determined never to put out “plastic” skin. There is always more to learn and until I feel I’ve reached a level that can consistently produce quality images, I would never call myself a professional and just open a facebook business.

    I would appreciate an honest opinion about this image. This is a family member, but was an actual shoot I did for practice.

    Image for Critique


    This site was the target of a lot of spam. It was redesigned and that seems to have helped but most of those who were active have switched their focus to other sites. I don’t know how many views/responses you will get.

    I clicked on “Image for Critique” and was treated to a very good image of a young man. There is a little redness around his nose that makes me think he may be fighting a cold or allergies. And I think moving further from the brick wall would put it more out of focus. As it is, I think it’s an excellent portrait. It could be improved with some post work but it’s not really necessary.

    A good way to gauge your ability relative to others is to join a photo club, either bricks and mortar or Internet based, and take part in their photo contests. You could also submit photos to their critique queue to see what suggestions other members might have.


    Thank you so much for the feedback and information about this site. He did in fact have a cold at the time. I will look into your suggestions for photo clubs , etc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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