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    I just can’t understand photographers giving away digital files!  I think you should give the clients small files in reduced resolution (with a tasteful watermark) so they can post to social media.  But giving away full-sized edited files….this makes me crazy!  The money to be made in this kind of photography is through print and product sales.  And what will it do for your reputation when they take their disc of jpgs to the local WalMart and have crappy prints made?

    I’m sad.  🙁


    I really enjoyed going through your flickr

    I hope you get your wish and are able to become an amateur again someday.  Nothing beats it, but I’m bias 😉

    All the more reason to charge more, right?  lol

    Peter, it’s been a pleasure.  You’re a sight for sore eyes over here at YANAP not just with your work, but with your attitude, honesty, and personality.  We see a lot of butthurt, dishonesty, excuses, and laziness over here.  So thank you for not being one of them


    Thanks Cameraclicker

    IHF I can understand your position with prints and I like prints just as much. There is something very gratifying in actually holding your picture and you get a sense of accomplishment and completion when your holding that finished product.

    Technically I offer prints.. I don’t really mention it to my clients but the online gallery I use allows clients to purchase prints and it automatically fills the order (pixieset.com is the company). I did have one print order online and I had to register with the board of equalization to pay the sales tax.. so much work for $1.26 😉

    Thanks for the compliments on Flickr.. Amatuer is awesome! I’ve booked enough clients so far this year to cover all my tuition so I took yours and Nes advice and up my prices.. not to what is recommended but significantly more than what I was originally charging. If this works out well.. then no need to ever change the price back.

    I like the community here on YANAP and I appreciate the welcoming.



    You’re not a fauxtographer but you should learn to process in a clean traditional style.  The VSCO look is burning out.  Clean and classic is in!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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