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    Hi, all. I’m not a photographer, and I certainly hope I’m not a fauxtographer — strictly a hobby snapper who is slowly and surely learning what the little P&S she bought at a garage sale for $20 (and editing software) can do. I’ve joined this site because most of the submissions make me feel better about my own amateur efforts, and because I hope to pick up some tips here and there. Hope you’ll let me stick around!


    NO YOU MUST LEAVE… (Sarcasm)


    Of course you can. It’s not some elitist club. Learn from the critiques in the ‘Am I a Faux’  section.



    Thanks! If I’m feeling brave down the line maybe I’ll post some links to my stuff.



    pics or gtfo


    diverging somewhat from dicksforeyes comment.. IF you’re going to be a prick and mock and condescend others work, then yes “pics or gtfo”..

    participating in fun discussion and all that which doesn’t include the above.. welcome aboard!

    DISCLAIMER: That’s how I’d like the world to be.. clearly you are allowed to participate all you want.. just don’t be surprised if pricks like me (and dicksforeyes!) say stuff like “pics or gtfo!”  🙂



    Not a pro or faux here either.

    But I like to hang out and comment.

    Mrs Woo

    I probably fall into faux nor pro – though maybe not now – I ended up creating a photography page on FB (cringe) so the middle school football team kids and parents can tag each other, etc., without having a ton more friends on my FB feed.  My FB is already so big that I lose track of people sometimes that are important to me.

    Mrs Woo

    (and I’m more worried y’all will consider me faux than suddenly listing myself as “pro” – I don’t have the chops yet for people to call me pro, though a few really successful photographers are actually kind of mentoring me and being very encouraging, much to my surprise!)



    Mrs Woo why worry what people on this site would think of you?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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