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    I found one of my old photos on this site and i would like to know who stole and uploaded it but there seems to be no contactable admin on this site.

    Can anyone help me please?


    If you look, there is an email under “About” with an email address.  But I have to ask, why is your pic up on this website?



    You made it worse by posting here! A simple Google search of your username (Adele Pardy) just shows us all of your work!


    And I’m going to say, your photos deserve to be here…


    I agree. You most certainly deserve to be here. The photo of the baby on the side of the guitar is horrible.


    I looked at your website. You do have some very nice work, but mixed in with it is a lot of images that were oversharpemed, too bright of flash, or have things oddly Photoshopped in that just doesn’t work. If that’s all old work, you should remove it from your web presence.


    Facepalm.    That is all


    Oh my God WHY… You would be better off uploading everything SOOC and skipping Photoshop or Gimp or whatever you are using entirely.
    Why would you even ask this here? Seriously. Is this some strange attempt to get attention?
    You know EXACTLY why your image was “stolen” and put on this site… You were looking at this site in the first place, you know what it is. Do the words “you are not a photographer” seem a little more poignant now?

    P.S. Fake HDR looks terrible on most everything… But using it on a human face is just sacrilege.


    Does it used for advertisement and marketing purposes? Anyway, its been logical for me that we are in a site that actually refer to person that are not real photographer.. did you take time to emphasize the site name?

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    oh god, more babies on guitars…so so bad.

    A lot of your work is pretty good actually. But the bad always overshadows the good.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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