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    Im not sure if he charges so idk if he would be considered a faux though. It upsets me a little because I offered her a discounted price. I suppose free won. I sent him a message for a few tips on improvement. I hope he does not take it the wrong way (& of course he just did =/). Why is this the case with beginners? They hate to hear anything other than “your awesome”. I am guilty of being the same way years ago haha.



    Lets discuss beginners being closed off to any help. I think this behavior is interesting.


    I like 102ou42.png as an art photo.  The rich color of the wood and contrasty lighting are wonderful.  The bride is probably less enamored of the photo because you can not see her face and can barely find the groom’s head and half his body.  If it was shot to a raw file, good editing might make the image acceptable as a keepsake.  Even the PNG file has the data for her face and his silhouette.   Probably a safe bet that both photos would have benefited from a flash, although that may have lead to other problems.

    I don’t know if beginners are closed off to help.  Perhaps just to help they are not ready to receive, understand and retain at the time help is offered.


    Free always wins over discounted! That is until the clients get a bunch of sub-standard photos….people never seem to learn though, lol.

    It’s so funny looking back on old photos that you once thought were the best thing ever, and then you see them again with wiser eyes and wonder just what exactly you were thinking….this happens to me all the time at any rate!

    It guess rather than being closed off, it could be more of a case of people not liking to hear criticism about their work from others. It can be hard work to try and keep and open mind and take the feedback as a learning experience rather than a personal attack.

    Then there are those whose egos are so massive that the very notion that they are anything but amazing is unthinkable, and therefore such a concept does not exist 😉


    Free always wins over discounted

    Not the least bit true. It’s how you market yourself. The OP might be a brilliant photographer but if he markets himself as being of cheaper value then they would always certainly go for the cheapest because You are marketing money. If you market yourself more than money, if you instill the idea that you are something of worth then they will think past money.

    Don’t market yourself as money. Value yourself and others will value you.

    faux not funny

    Nightrose, I’m the same. Some of my images from a few years back that I thought were excellent at the time are just nowhere near what I would consider to be my level of work now. I see loads of photographers on facebook who’s latest albums are of a good quality, but if you scroll back a couple of years it starts to get a bit fauxtog.  There are others who start off  faux and stay that way. I wonder if willingness to listen to advice could be the difference between the two?


    My earlier work I may now consider “fauxtog” (well, I don’t think I was terrible, or did wonky editing, or posted all kinds of out of focus images) but I definitely had things to learn (and yeah still do). My first wedding I charged a huge discount. I worked with the bride and she specifically asked me to shoot her wedding. I told her that I never shot a wedding and wasn’t sure how well I could do, but she had confidence in me and she was on a tight budget. She was very happy with the photos but looking back now I can pick myself apart. I know I got a few good ones I still regard as good, just not great. I’ve kept some of my earlier work on my page and I think it shows my progress. I even posted an album called “Before I became a real photographer” with images I once considered “portraits” that actually really sucked.


    soaringturkeys: I do agree with you that it’s all about marketing. I was being facetious about free winning over discount, not trying to put a monetary value on photographic services.  I will say though that in many situations,  if people can get things for free, they will! Everyone likes free stuff 🙂

    faux not funny: I think you’re right that people who improve are the ones who are willing to change their ideas…pretty much sums up everything in life really 🙂


    I can say though I’ve never taken an image this terrible… lol. Way to ruin your special day by hiring someone who does this.


    Oh, by the way, I met this fauxtog at a “gallery showing” (which closed, not surprisingly, since they let anyone and everyone enter their crap that was not good) and I asked her what camera she used, and she said “Oh, it’s a Powershot, it’s here in my purse actually.”


    Its been a while since I have been here… Sorry about that.

    Soaringturkeys: I am a girl btw. The bride is a childhood friend of mine so I simply offered my services at a discount. I offered a engagement shoot as a wedding gift (free so of coarse they took it). I market myself as a package since I have a studio in my familys printing company they print my work and they print save the dates, invitations, and we even carry personalized wedding items. We are a one stop shop pretty much. I was just a little annoyed that they choose someone that could not produce quality work. No big deal anymore though. I suppose it was just the initial shock.


    I like 102ou42.png as an art photo.  The rich color of the wood and contrasty lighting are wonderful.

    Same… I really like the disembodied hand. It’s like a dark comment on the whole marriage thing. Not exactly what you want for your wedding pictures, but a freaky shot nonetheless. I would even call it a “happy accident”, except for that whole wedding photography thing.


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