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    Just a rant really.

    A friend (who appreciates photography) was at a baby group the other day and there was a photographer there . She was taking photos of the group, to be posted in an online gallery and purchased if wanted after.

    I can’t remember which but she had a pro canon and a decent lens – but was shooting it all in auto (my friend got quite close lol!) She also said the tog didn’t seem to know what she was doing, shooting from boring angles, missing good shots etc. So when getting home she checked her out, then showed me. The tog was actually a franchisee but I won’t name the company as I’m not sure I’m allowed.

    The work (of all of the franchisees) was shocking, at best dreadfully cheesy and boring cliches at worst (which accounted for a lot) was front page stuff. Bad exposure, out of focus, just plain awful.

    This isn’t a really even a pop at the fauxtogs, more at the franchise company. On their site they claimed, you needed no experience or even to be great at photography!

    The price was 15k. Which included 5k worth of kit. But what on earth would the point of spending 5k on kit be if you ‘weren’t great at photography’ be, and you shot auto.

    It seems an outrageous scam.


    One CANON EOS-5D MK III W/ EF 24-105 IS kit is $4000.  Add a Canon 600 EX RT and a bag and you are at $5000.  $5K doesn’t go very far.

    It’s a bit reminiscent of Niagara Falls, Ocean Park, the various cruise lines, and probably hundreds of other tourist traps.  They all want you to stand for a portrait and a little while later they are offering a print for $20.  Any time we are offered the photo, we pass.  It’s not Fauxtography as we define it here because the prints/photos are available to be viewed before purchase.

    To the franchisees all we can say is caveat emptor.


    I actually think I know the franchise you are talking about. They have a couple MWAC that walk around the hospital in the morning to get people before discharges. We respectfully declined though, which wasn’t hard since my daughter’s face was so bruised up the nurse had to put a sign on the bassinet that said “baby has a bruised face”. But my sister bought pics of her daughter that was a month older. They were bad. With her second kid she didn’t have enough money and I took them. She got just as many pictures but they weren’t cheesy and looked good.

    Although honestly, why would someone actually want pictures of their baby only a day or two old? Unless you have a c-sec they’re usually bruised all over, have either a smashed face or a conehead, and that weird cheesy flaky stuff all over them.


    I know this is not saying much, but I am sure glad my camera doesn’t even have an auto-mode, so less chance of falling into that “Faux” mode, right?

    I know it doesn’t mean a thing, it is all in the person behind the camera, but it doesn’t hurt to point out to others that fat, lol.



    I know this is not saying much, but I am sure glad my camera doesn’t even have an auto-mode, so less chance of falling into that “Faux” mode, right?

    But I’m certain it has a P-mode which we all know stands for professional, right? Mine doesn’t have the green box either but if out with friends it is handy plonking it in P-mode before giving it to them. Otherwise I’ll never be in any photos taken with a camera than doesn’t make calls as well.


    Caveat emptor sums it up perfectly lol! I don’t know if I feel sorry for these guys or not. Part of me does as they seem to be putting themselves in a stupid situation as they lack basic skills yet the prices the company charge don’t reflect that – i.e. they aren’t exactly low. So I just don’t understand how these guys make any money at all. They do ‘free’ shoots and then the client can buy or not – but at about 15 times more than 20 canadian dollars.

    It may be Cassie, are you in the UK? If you are then it may not be, as here there is another company that solicit the maternity wards and take the most disgusting photos of your baby you could imagine – they may be cute as hell later but most babies look like aliens when they’re first born! When my first daughter was born she had to go on a week course of anti bi’s so we stayed for one week. EVERY day the same woman came in to ask me if I wanted her photo done, I was like, you ask me every day and every day I say no thanks.

    My camera doesn’t have auto mode either. I’m only amateur and sometimes when I’m feeling ultra lazy a little part of me wishes it did but I agree Bill, I’m glad it doesn’t 🙂 I also agree it’s who’s behind the camera, this company are certainly testament to that.




    Worst Case Scenario

    We do baby portraits all the time and the mums are always saying

    “Wow I’m so glad we came here because the pics that they took at the hospital were awful”

    To which I ask, ” Did you buy them?”

    They always answer “yes!” ………………….. go figure.

    My camera has ever button/setting that you could ever need and a load more as well.


    emf I’m in the USA. So it must be a different company.

    BUT I guess it’s a little better than what the first hospital I had my oldest daughter at did. They basically just had this webcam thing in the room you could put your baby under before you went home in their little outfit and snap a picture that would print out for like $10.

    Hospitals are good at gouging you for money here, lol.


    Took me a while to work out what anti bi’s were until I realised my brain is now so conditioned to seeing Abx as the abbreviation and everything else just doesn’t make sense.

    As for making money off the fauxes. Given how many fauxes there are out there I’m not surprised it isn’t more prevalent


    @ Nesgram – I was always taught that P stood for Professional and Tv stands for “my Time is Valuable” AV stands for Applied Victoriously and so on

    I have to clarify, My other camera does have a green box on it but whenI tried it, I was always annoyed of the fact that the pop-up flash would pop-up so unnecessarily and random at times.
    Do you think it is any coincidence that the term being “Green” and the full auto button is Green?


    an interesting tangent here…

    So, my daughter for years enjoyed Sesame Place in PA for weekend trips during the summer months, and especially the VIP lunch with many Sesame Street characters. In the dining room they have a small 15′ x 15′ area dedicated for a “studio setup” featuring photos of your kids (and you!) with Elmo. It is cordoned off with cones, drapes, even a sesame place employee guarding the area for unauthorized entrance until the employees have officially opened it for shots.

    When Elmo appears, the studio swings into operation and everyone lines up akin to a department store Santa. I’ve taken note on more than one occasion that the camera is affixed to a tripod with a wireless trigger for 2 soft-boxes to the left and right of the backdrop and some other continuous lights strewn about – it’s apparent a knowledgeable photog carefully thought it out for reasonably good images. You can take photos yourself, but they designed it so your only view is like 45 degrees or more away from the scene.

    BUT, the weak link is in the pictures printed out for the parents. Over the years, the printer was replaced at least twice and the last time we went a few years back the unit was not correctly calibrated and the colors were all “off.” Yellows over-saturated, blues under, and the whole portrait had a pink cast.  On the back of the camera, the image looked much better.

    Each photo set (8×10, 4×7 and 10 or so smaller wallets) is $25 which you learn after they take the photo and come around to your table for the sale, and no CD is offered or available. Most everyone buys the photos, but I heard folks last time chattering about the off colors of the prints. But still bought them.

    I guess the photog who setup the whole scene is hands off now, and I wonder if he knows the quality of his prints are compromised…

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