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    Hey everyone,

    Please disregard my watermark, I’ve read the other posts and learned my lesson. However, I’d still like to know what I can do better. I just took these photos a week and a half ago for a free beach photo session weekend.



    They don’t really look like photographer photos as they look like just candid shots. Some of them, you cannot see the face at all. Probably should study under someone or just keep taking pictures until you start seeing a difference. Really study the white balance and the depth of field.

    But just keep practicing and practicing. Take your camera with you everywhere! If you are serious about this, practice is the best thing to really get better. Also, there is one where the little girl is kind of doing a sexy pose. IMO I would stay away with that since it just doesn’t fit with me moral. I’m not a Toddler and Tiara kind of person. Take a photo of her as a child and don’t grow her up to much in your photos.


    Heather, here’s some advice:



    Once you set the light (properly), keep the same settings. Has the light changed? If not, the same settings apply. When you shoot in auto, it tries to adjust each time, and you end up with grey sand and dark faces. It’s incredibly obvious you were shooting in auto mode. Your exposures were all over the place.


    You also need to look at the image before clicking the shutter. Yes, sometimes there’s something happening fast (like the kid pointing at the butterfly), but the mother’s breasts hanging over the fence kind of ruin that shot. [sound of hundreds of people off to look for that image] CROP THE SHIT OUTTA THAT SHOT and it’ll be much better. While the subject tries to present the “wonder of nature and discovery by children”, all I saw were breasts. The focus wasn’t even on the butterfly or the kid, it was on the cleavage! WTF? This is one of those shots that was so close to being really good, but fell off a ledge into oblivion and boobies. You even chopped the dad out of the image.

    To save everyone the search, here’s the shot in question: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394272663960270&set=a.394253107295559.95457.184246681629537&type=3&theater

    Examples of really bad exposure…

    Is this supposed to be a silhouette, or was it one of those lomography happy accidents that you decided was intentional?


    What about this? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394253863962150&set=a.394253107295559.95457.184246681629537&type=3&theater


    I apologize for being harsh. I really do. I like to make good CC so that you have something to work with. After all, you’re putting your neck out on the chopping block, and I really respect that. But I’m having trouble with your shots. You really, really need to work on compositional skills and camera handling. Learn to use manual, and quickly adjust exposure to be perfect for the light… shoot that way until the light changes.


    stef 🙂 you’re a tough cookie! lol. hey OP! i liked your FB page! 🙂 share the loveeeeee


    In reference to the second two images that Stef linked – disregarding the exposures, I have real issues with them being on angles for that ‘arty’ effect.  Crooked horizons, whether intentional or not, always look amateurish to me, and it is my biggest pet peeve. Does anyone else hate wonky angles?

    And yes, I’m one of those people who straightens pictures on strangers’ walls 😀


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