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    Good Afternoon

    I’m not portraying myself as a fauxtographer or even a photographer.


    Just wondering your opinions on my personal work. And looking for areas to improve.

    I set all my settings by learning my cameras and by playing around with natural lighting and artificial lighting.

    The pictures I am posting are of my family and I , Unfortunatly this means camera on tripod however the shots where I am not present. I am working with the camera and myself.



    I only see two photos on the link you posted. Not much to go by. The shot of, I guess your wife and kids, the composition is bad. The road behind them pulls your eye to the horizon and takes it off of them. Use lines to take the viewers eye where you want it to go. Not away from it..


    I enjoyed the colors in the photos. I sort of agree with the other poster about the road placement, and perhaps your art would be improved by not having everything in the dead center of the photo. Cropping different ways may help, but you’ve filled the field enough so that probably won’t on these two. If I were you, I’d play around with placing the camera on the subject at different angles – perhaps off to the side of the road a little, so the focus of the shot doesn’t look like it’s on two different aspects of the same picture.

    That said, beautiful family. Keep up the “playing around” it’s a good way to improve your technique. 🙂


    Learn about composition.  I do the same as you, I take pictures of my own family with a tripod.  Invest in a remote control.  The timer is a pain in the ass.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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