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    Hi, I’m Julie. I’m getting married in Dec of this year. My fiance and I have been looking for a wedding photographer for some time now, and we are getting frustrated, there are many of them on wedding expo sites who say they are good, and then when we see their work, it’s a little disappointing.

    We’re not made of money, but we are willing to pay more for a talented person rather than less for so-so work.

    One of my friends had suggested posting on this site because she said there are many good photographers here. I will be honest that this doesn’t look like a site where I’d find a wedding photographer, but I thoughty I’d give it a try.

    You can email me at kLOAri9z@opayq.com. Thanks.


    sorry, the email is FWD_kLOAri9z@opayq.com. It is masked email so I don’t get spam.


    Julie, rates vary by market, and expectation.  It would help all of us to know when and where you plan to get married.  It would also help us to know what your expectations are, do you just want a couple of hours of coverage through the wedding itself, edited and burned to disk, or are you looking for photos starting with each of you getting ready, traveling to church, the wedding, posed photos, the reception from start to finish with all the details and mixed group photos with 500 guests?  Or, something in between?  Do you want prints, a traditional album, a photo book?  What about an engagement shoot and guest book?



    Who in the world suggested you look here?!


    Now you’re talking. We ARE looking for photos starting with each of us getting ready, traveling to church, the wedding, posed photos, the reception from start to finish with all the details and mixed group photos with 200 guests, yes. Most everyone else we talked to are about giving us images on CD where we print our own stuff – we’re traditionalists – we want the photographer to do the whole thing – albums and all, soup to nuts.

    We have engagement shots already, but weren’t really looking for those anyhow, they were a tangential thing. The main thing is the wedding day.

    We both live in Saddle River, NJ. Can you show us your portfolio, or your website? Email me a link.


    Sorry, I’m not your guy.  I’m Canadian and live in Toronto.  Google thinks it’s an 8 hour drive, it would probably work out to more like 12 hours with meals and customs.  There are issues around working in a different country, too.

    You’re only an hour from New York.  There are lots of excellent photographers there.  You just have to find the right one for you.

    The low end of the market seems to be all about shooting, then burning a DVD, or two.  As photographers get better, usually the cost goes up, but so does the service.  Photos are better and more effort goes into editing and printing.

    An engagement session is a good opportunity to get to know your photographer(s) and see what their work is really like.  If time permits, it is worth the effort to validate your choice.  Then, on the big day, you know you don’t have to worry about the photographer.  It also gives you a chance to discuss the flow of your wedding day and plan special shots.


    I can suggest a photographer somewhere near you guys. I know her work, simply because she is my sister-in-law, but that information aside, she does fairly good work and she seems to have a good following. Don’t let me sell you on her, you would have to be the judge of that and to see if her shooting style matches up with what you are looking for.
    Like CC said, it all depends on the total package as well.

    If you are interested or want to put her on a list of potentials, then contact me on my flickr page and I will send you her contact info.

    My flickr page is on my profile and you can get to it here>>> LINK


    Julie- if you want the real deal you should budget $3,000-$5,000 for great photography.  Everyone’s on a budget but how much do you value the images that will last a lifetime. The flowers only last a day. The DJ/ band will be a distant memory. Your images will be with you forever.

    If you want to choose a great photographer, one that will capture your day professionally, go to fredmiranda.com. Click on forums and then the Wedding Photographer sub-forum.  That’s where the talent hangs. They post their latest work.


    Also wanted to add- your area is loaded with talent. Go to that website. You’ll see bunches of PA & NJ togs who do awesome work.


    Hey there, I am not a professional photographer but I know people who are full time photographers.  But before that are you employing an event planning company for your marriage.  If  yes, then maybe you should ask them, because some of the  event planning services now offer photo shoots also. I  know several who has novelty photography in their list of services. Maybe you can check them out and their photos.  If not, then I will ask my friends who are near your area if they can be of help. You live in New Jersey right. ?

    Mr. Harris

    Julie it is sad news for me that you got frustrated by a photographer. But as I was arranged my friends all marriage services like photographer, videographer, transportation and many more. So I can suggest you about a professional wedding photographer as his company name is RJ Harris Photography. You can check about this company by the site milwaukeeweddingphotos.net.


    Erm, shouldn’t that read YOUR company? Why would anyone hire you if they can’t even see any examples of your work?

    I hope you paid John Legend for the music

    Now, if we then critique your photography (fauxtography) things get far more interesting. I see hilariously bad composition, vicious noise, lacking colour balance, severe focus issues, some random hipstagram effects thrown in, frequent use of the poopup flash/too much direct on camera flash, posed group shots where no one (!) is looking at the photographer, tilted horizons, I see a wrinkly backdrop, a photographer with jeans at a wedding (I really hope you aren’t taking on second shooters). I should really suggest if you use a password for your smugmug (very professional) you don’t select something that takes a whole 15 seconds to google.

    Sorry to piss on your chips but why would anyone actually hire you? Your photos are sub par and your prices are out of faux land. I see lots of weddings in the list, I would have expected more than this however given your less than subtle advertising I wasn’t expecting too much to begin with. You proved me right.


    RJ Harris Photography is based at 8201 W. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI!  It’s a 14 hour drive to a random NJ address!  I would want the photographer to be awesome if I had to cover 28 hours of driving and a couple of nights in hotels, or alternately airfare, travel time, and a couple of nights in hotels!

    Some of the photos I looked at were pretty good, but I have to agree with Nesgran’s appraisal.  There were photos with focus issues, blown highlights, tilt problems, post processing problems, and I’m not a fan of auto-start music regardless of who owns it.

    I don’t know how successful Julie has been, locating a photographer, but I think there has to be someone in NJ or NY willing to give good photos within her budget.


    Nesgran, how did you get to see so much? All I could see were 7 wedding pics? And lets face it, if you are only showing 7 pics, they should be the  best pics you’ve taken. SERIOUSLY! The blown highlights are awful, is that why there are no white people in them ?

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