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    “Landscape photography should never be in black and white”

    Yup, you heard that right.  I was with my friends and saw a landscape photography “workshop” at our photography outing in San Diego.

    We decided to go in since it was free and thought hey maybe we can learn something cool.

    After about 10 minutes of his boring power points showing his photos we began to question if he’s really any good.  Then the dagger through the heart moment was when he uttered these words.

    Landscape photography should never be in black and white…

    Was this taken out of context?  not really, this guy really believed that and showed landscape photos of horrible grey tones vs color.

    BLASPHEMY!  we all know who first comes to mind…WHAT ABOUT ANSEL ADAMS…I can hear Ansel Adams rolling over in his grave now.

    We all kinda just said “WHAT THE HELL?” giggled, got up, and quietly left to not disturb his worthless lecture.

    All we could say was WOW.


    Ha ha!  I think  it’s HIS landscape photos that should never be black and white, because the tonal range = mud.  No, I wasn’t there  and have never seen his photography, but I still feel completely safe in saying it.  He most likely tried to polish a turd one too many times and jumped to this conclusion based on his own inaccurate observations.  Funny stuff.  And just think!  This guy is teaching others.


    I’d have to book myself into the workshop  just so I could ask ‘but what about Ansel Adams?’, but I’d fear he may not know who he was lol and it would go from exposing a faux to just plain awkward!


    When discussing art, take caution in the use of superlatives. Subjectively, one person’s “always” is another’s “never.”


    Right, I’m sure Chris Clor, Chuck Kimmerle, David Fokos as well as a few others might be laughing their arse off.


    Just enjoyed this, and thought you all would as well



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Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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