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    Hello all.


    The first picture you will see has a tilted horizon with some strange color effect on top. Not exactly the best image to use on the front website. Venture into the galleries for all those brave souls out there – I couldn’t stand it!


    So, that signifies that marriage is an up hill struggle for that couple?

    I’ve seen worse.  For $1750 you get “We photography the whole day and night with over 300 prints.”  They seem to be in Ireland, I have no idea how much money that represents, it is their top package.


    First I haven’t gone farther then the initial page, but is it weird that the slanted image here doesn’t bother me much. I may be skewed because I read Cameraclickers comment on up hill battle. but I think it only works because of the angle of the people. They have a forward tilt that actually makes it feel a bit uphill.


    okay looked through the rest, and I have seen much worse. I’m sure people aren’t upset at their pictures from this person. That being said I’m more annoyed at their gallery names. There’s more family pics in life pics then in family, and more wedding in pictures then in wedding. It’s strange.


    I’m not impressed. While there are a couple of images that I’d consider good, most are snapshot-y quality and/or processed weird with too much spot color or dumb borders and frames. There are a lot of spelling and grammar errors, but I think it is in Australia (judging from their email address). Like “Treasured Memorys” and “Our Specail Day” not that that’s an excuse, since Australians speak English, but there may be different spellings there. I didn’t like the newborn shots. They had harsh lighting and spot color. The wedding shots did not have a good isolation of the subject from the background.  A few have that stupid editing technique where they blurred out all the edges. I doubt they’re using Photoshop to edit. They have a terrible use of Dutch angle, it’s either way too much or not enough where it looks like a mistake.


    Yes, their “Contact” page shows their address, it is a little outside Melbourne.  I saw Glengarry in their pricing and jumped to an incorrect conclusion.  I still don’t know if their pricing is expensive or not.


    CC, $1750 AU is about $1815 US. Questionable photos aside, I think the pricing is too high for the quality.


    Looking at their high priced packages, they are including an album and slip in proof books, which can be pretty costly if you get them through the pro places like Seldex or Nulab. I live in Melbourne too so I am familiar with album pricing in our neck of the woods.

    That aside, their prices are way too high due to the serious amount of fauxtoggery afoot here, and I am curious to know how there can be so many amateurish mistakes for someone who has been in “business since 1998”. The first page alone on the baby portfolio has some really dodgy spot colouring going on.

    Someone also needs to proof read their site, as there are loads of grammatical and spelling errors. What a find!



    One of the poor babies is a little over exposed…


    If they’ve been in business since 1998, they got stuck in producing mediocre work and not having the desire to improve anything. There’s a well-established photographer in my town who’s been in business for over 35 years… and his work is awful for the most part! He does crazy editing and his wedding photos he has on his website are horrible, I know my wedding photos are much better and I’ve only done three weddings.

    Mrs Woo

    I wonder if maybe there are limits for some people?  This is going to sound like I’m excusing bad photography (or at least selling it), but I’m not. Rather, well, there are people in the world who are teachers for elementary school who are completely unable to spell (I know one).  They still keep correcting papers (with a list of correctly spelled words for reference) and teaching, etc.

    Maybe this person just started investing in PhotoShop, etc., and just hasn’t gotten very good at it yet – i.e., recent switch to electronic editing…

    I guess I want to assume that if they have been in business around 15 years that they should at least be moderately proficient and instead might be misled or something.

    Maybe a recent stroke?

    And this is why you’ll almost never see a mean critique out of me.  LOL


    LOL mrs Woo, this actually makes a little bit of sense. I for one can’t spell certain words for the life of me, even with the help of spell check there are a few that I butcher horribly that even spell check gives me a “wtf”. I’m reasonably well educated, I have a pretty decent vocabulary, Read on average 3 novels a week, but I just can’t spell “definitely” without some mad help. I before E gets me every time, and homonyms…. damn homonyms. Too, to, two, Hear and here, they get me all the time, even though I know the difference between them.

    I think there may be a plateau for some people. I’m an artist ( as in pen/paint to paper) and I know i’ll never be Dali,  but I’m decent enough. Maybe it’s the same with some photographers, since there is A LOT of Artistic theory involved. Rule of thirds, composition, post production takes a certain amount o artistic creativity that maybe they’ve reached their max on. Some people learn to make really cool stick figures, but can’t move past it.

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