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    Once again, instead of supporting the ridiculous statement you made, you have resorted to sarcasm, name-calling, and misdirection – all the hallmarks of someone who cannot back up what he is saying.

    And yes, I’ve seen your stuff.  Not overly impressed.  Looks like a guy with a DSLR and an ego bigger than Texas.  Might want to learn how to control the flaring and spotting when you are shooting into the sun – ooooppppsssss, sorry, that would mean actually learing something about the art  and science of photography – not your schtick.  Got it.

    As for your last little quibble, I did post a link.  Not that I have anything to prove to you or any wannabe of your ilk.

    Just another X gener – jeesh!


    Which statements shall I defend? Maybe when I explained basic photographic principles are no longer relevant? Or suggested that you ought to let the camera do everything for you? Those statements?


    Actually, I think generation Y. God you’re old. No wonder you’re so confused.


    You didn’t explain anything.

    You’re getting quite popular on the back-channel chatter – you’re reputation as a boorish dilettante grows daily.  I am afraid it is you who are becoming irrelevant, if ever you were relevant.

    Go play with your friends, little boy – we adults have work to do, and serious people with whom to talk.


    If only it were within my capacity to say the right things and appease the mouth breathers, then I could bask in the validation of inconsequential nonentities. One can dream.


    Alright everyone, let’s calm down.  Now, I do shoot RAW when I do pictures like these, and while I agree that Photoshop can make an okay shot decent, and a decent picture great, I think we can also agree that starting off with a better picture makes it easier.  I grew up doing sports photography, particularly martial arts, so trying to do actual families and people that aren’t constantly moving is a challenge for me, which is why I’m more than willing to take criticism to help make myself better.   In all this arguing, there are valid critiques, and I would like to thank those who gave them, but please, if you want to have a pissing match about film vs digital, and other crap, then do it somewhere else.


    At least we can agree, JJ. It is definitely not in your capacity to say the right things.


    You: “shoot raw. new equipment eliminates the need for old light modifiers with great dynamic range.”

    Me: “uhm, no, idiot. new equipment has barely reached that of film, and those modifiers are for film as it is.”


    You’re the only one getting your panties in a knot trying to prove the unprovable by being an ass. Nobody else is having hysterical fits but you.

    Watching you squirm like you have a load in your diaper is entertaining for about 2 seconds, but now you’re just boring and pathetic. Not only do you demonstrate little technical knowledge in your posts, but I don’t think anyone here cares what you say. In the course of 3 days, you’ve already blown your credibility.


    Time for a new handle, troll.



    You: “shoot raw. new equipment eliminates the need for old light modifiers with great dynamic range.”


    You’re still having an imaginary conversation.


    haha some of you make me laugh i think we are all forgetting something here it’s not about the gear you have it can be film or DSLR , it’s about the person who controls the gear, the gear is just a tool and if you don’t know how to use it  your fucked end off ..  lets not all fall out in here i thought we were supposed to help people not fighting over the internet with each other.. some of you need to grow up, really why would anyone in there right mind want any help from some of you when your acting like silly little children x


    Of course it’s not about the gear, which is why I shoot with a potato. This also explains why teenage girls post Instagram photos better than most of the stuff you guys do.


    Your time is over, sorry no more time needs to be wasted on you, it could have been so beautiful or well shit happens x


    Let me clarify what i mean by that, i wasn’t going to do this as im nice girl but fuck it, you seem to be taking the piss out of everyones work so now it’s your turn ..

    https://www.facebook.com/DallasPhotographerJasonJared#!/photo.php?fbid=356487624429391&set=pb.133185530092936.0.1345116343&type=3&theater This is what i mean about the the person who controls the camera you’r not just controling the camera your controlling the light around you and this is a very bad pic… Was you looking for this effect or don’t you know how to avoid it ?. Sorry i said i was not  wasting anymore time on you but i woke up today with a diffrent view, i don’t mind giving you a few lessons in light hahahahahaahahahaahahahahahah so tell me did you want it like this ?.

    https://www.facebook.com/DallasPhotographerJasonJared#!/photo.php?fbid=356467087764778&set=pb.133185530092936.0.1345116343&type=3&theater First one is beautiful second one is shocking she looks in pain, poor girl and the third one is a very bad pose she looks so uncomfortable so you see it’s not just about the camera .

    It’s obvious to me you haven’t got the first clue where to place yourself in some light so get a grip and stop thinking your the dog’s bollocks when your very clearly not..

    You have come on here thinking your great and not been to please with your feedback, you only posted your stuff as you thought we were all going to tell you how nice you work is but we haven’t so you need to be a dickhead to cover up how bad you feel. Your the one looking for praise my friend not us so get over yourself and learn something about light before you take the piss out of anyone else.

    I will admit i do like some of your images there not all bad, see im a nice girl xxxxxxxx

    Ok im done now have a nice day xxxxxxx


    It’s amazing to me that you people really do believe something you could say could possibly matter. You even seem to know well enough that you are so awful you should hide your work, yet you still believe your opinions to be of consequence.

    I don’t think I’m particularly good, but that doesn’t have anything to do with it.


    You might want to use links that work next time: http://bit.ly/flickryanap


    ok the new updated links this is the first one


    and the second one


    diffrence is between me and you, your the one posting your links, i don’t need to, i don’t have anything to prove to any of you and this site is for bad photographers lol.

    Ok lets just be friends thats my rant over, i really want to like you, im a lover not a fighter xxxxx



    The difference between you and I is an entire biological domain. I can no more be friends with you than I can with a sack of algae.

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