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    Hi everyone! I’m a not-so-proud fauxtographer, but i’m really trying hard to improve. For the moment, I also can’t afford new equipment and I only have a kind of shitty “bridge” (I don’t know how to say! It’s not a reflex but it has reflex shape), but I want to make the most of it.

    I’d really like to have my photos checked by you guys, since i believe some of you are quite skilled.

    This is my deviantArt, it only has a little photos because I try to be very selective and also I am too lazy to upload pictures!!


    Please don’t be too harsh, and sorry for my bad English! ūüôā


    You are not a fauxtog. ¬†You aren’t in business selling your photography. ¬†You are an amateur trying to develop. ¬†There is absolutely no shame in that at all. ūüôā

    With that said, don’t ever blame the equipment. ¬†Yes, you most likely will ¬†want a more versital camera to work with, but until then, your camera is completely capable to capture light, and therefore it’s capable of creating compelling interesting images, if the person behind it is capable.

    Right now, I’m not seeing much. ¬†Your point of view is very awkward. ¬†Try getting at the same level as your subject, don’t be afraid to move, crouch, and use your feet to get what you need in the frame. ¬†When shooting silhouettes make sure the foreground is interesting, simple, and easy to recognize and identify. ¬†Put lots of thought into your composition before you click. ¬†Right now it feels like you are thinking “ooooh pretty flower!” ¬†Click! ¬†Instead, ¬†look at that flower, and think “how can I capture this flower in a way no one has seen it before, but me. ¬†Try shooting up from a bugs point of view, or get up close, etc.

    Also, try shooting during the magic hours, when the light plays with us and flatters any subject, and makes wonderful long shadows, instead of shooting after  the sun is setting, or at 2:00 in the afternoon.  Photography is all about light.


    Google “rule of thirds”

    Understand the exposure triangle

    Dont be afraid to move around and shoot from a different angle/point of view than we see when just walking around.  Seek and find photographs/photographers that you admire, and ask yourself why?  What is it about the image/images that works?  And then find out.  Study study study


    Learn to delete anything out of focus. ¬†If it isn’t moving, and it isn’t on purpose, delete every photo that is out of focus or never post them as your work. ¬†I do like the picture of the boy kicking the ball. ¬†I think it would look better in B&W.


    Oh and drop the editing, until you are able to get it right in camera.  No amount of editing can save a bad photo.

    And selective color rarely ever enhances a photo (in my opinion never!)



    @I hate fauxtography: your suggestion will be treasured. ūüôā oh, and I actually am like “‚Äúooooh pretty flower!‚ÄĚ ¬†– click!” but I’ll stop this as soon as possible!!


    @Click it and Stick it, which photos are out of focus? If you mean this¬†http://nocountryfordolls.deviantart.com/#/d5cnyib , I know, but i felt like posting it because the place is really nice! of course i’ll delete it as soon as i have better pictures!


    Oddly, I have nothing to add to what has been said (I usually LOVE hearing myself talk) but I think “I hate fauxtography” nailed the major issues on the head.¬† Especially the part of “ooh, pretty, CLICK”… In the end, they’re still snapshots. Not that it’s a horrible thing if that’s what you want, but it’s clear that’s not what you want, right?

    I always suggest to folks that they really really have to start asking themselves “how can I take THIS picture and make it different than anyone else standing here with a camera would do?” That forces you to get out of the “ooh, pretty CLICK” phase and really think about your images.

    Good luck!


    PS nice critique IHF!


    “I always suggest to folks that they really really have to start asking themselves ‚Äúhow can I take THIS picture and make it different than anyone else standing here with a camera would do?‚ÄĚ


    Good words to grow by

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