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    There is no hope,message from the bride and groom
    I would like to thank the lovely Evie for the amazing wedding photos, picture frames and album, we both love them so much you did a brilliant job xxx
    i will now quit trying to be better at taking photos and just try and be shit from now on…its obviously a waste of time trying to produce good images.



    Well, the good news is at least her clients like the work so they don’t feel gypped. The bad news is, of course, they will probably rave about it to their friends and someone will either see the work and either exclaim expletives to the contrary, or hire EG themselves and be very disappointed – unless they have bad eyes as well.


    She should invest in monolights.  There’s inconsistent color temps, oof images, etc.  Or at the very least run down to the corner market and buy some batteries.


    Regarding the wedding:

    I think the problem has to be mainly due to really poor processing. I am not familiar with Sony DSLRs, but I would have thought even on full auto they would do a better job than these. Auto white balance should not usually cause that amount of orange and you can’t blame the camera for so many out of focus shots.

    She does have a few good composition ideas and managed to capture some good expressions – but then ruined basically every one. Some of it is being too ambitious without the skills – such as shooting with brightly lit windows behind but not being able to control the exposure. Some need good cropping. Some are over-sharpened to all hell. Most are completely oversaturated. Something is going on with the clarity as well, which is horrible.

    She really needs to learn to be selective with what she posts – no-one needs to see every single photo. There’s nothing wrong with taking eight of the same group photo, to make sure you get one where people are not blinking or looking away – but don’t post all eight! It merely shows your failures. Nor do you need to post every shot you took at the altar – including the ones where the groom is glaring at you for taking too many photos! She must realise that some of the shots simply didn’t work – no crime there, but don’t post them for the world to see!

    Ho hum…

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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