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    Sorry, I’m no pro, but these are her self portraits and personally, I strongly dislike them



    That’s about as far as I made it.   Uggh!  Just a personal preference, but I think that might offend or turn some folks off.  To each his own though.



    If her flash was not working, she should have rescheduled. Those portraits needed some kind of fill light as they’re very flat. It’s possible that could have been improved in post-production but she didn’t do it. And the poses are awkward and unflattering for the guy; he looks uncomfortable.

    In her self-portraits, she’s got one with a gun pointing to her own head… what the…?


    I was a bit confused by that gun one too,not sure what point she was trying to make.

    She has been given good advice on taking photos but seems to ask then ignore it all.I could’nt help but feel really discgusted with these recent wedding photos,id love to help her out but dont think she would listen and clearly think she knows what shes doing, and also knows best.Im no pro with a speedlite but cant help but think using one in these ( awful in my opinion) wedding photos may have made a bit of diffrence.Wedding photos are a one off thing and do feel sorry for the bride and groom,but as usual heaps of praise are given to the person with the camera.Would have to agree if  the speedlite wasnt working or she didnt have batteries maybe making another appointment would have been the best move.





    Joey K

    She just should stop editing the photos …
    Her “beauty edit” just looks awkward and creepy & the cropped pictures need some light and a lower ISO  -.-

    How could one fail on this wonderful location ?
    Why would someone shoot a panorama of the guests in the church ?
    And why u no use tripod ?

    Why upload so many pictures with so many failures in lighting etc.
    – underexposed
    – colour / image noise with no reduction / edit
    – no white-balance ( a 50% grey card is about 13€) –> WB & Exposure
    – no bouncer on the flash
    – no flash at all ?


    The gun ones are the ones I linked to above.  Way wierd.

    Uggh I looked a little more.  This adorable little boy and then what the heck made his eyes look alien??



    The ‘Jackson Building’ photos with the guy who obviously fancies himself more than a little were… just plain weird. In almost every one his head looks like it has been photoshopped onto another body. It is the wrong size for his body and the skin on his face and head is an entirely different colour to the body. I suspect it is just his weird body development and his head being tanned (but his body not exposed) but coupled with the harsh and flat lighting, it just looks wrong.


    Those wedding photos are just AWFUL. I feel so bad for the couple. She definitely needed a proper fill flash from a good speedlite, and her white balance is completely off, everything is orange.

    I’m so picky when it comes to photography that I already have my wedding photographer picked out. And I’m not even engaged. I don’t care WHAT she costs, she’s doing it. The photographer is not something that I will be skimping on. (Guess I better start saving for that now!)


    browneyedgirl and CANON USER,

    … isn’t it obvious?

    Point and Shoot.

    LOL ..    😀


    If only it was a p&s she owns 2 sony dslr’s.


    A DSLR set on auto is just as useless as a p&s.


    Amen to that.


    Just copied this from her wix website

    I have been taking photo’s for many years, but only really got passionate about it in 2010.

    I am still learning quite a lot about my camera and all the jargon that goes with photography.  So as I grow, so will my page.

    My passion is live bands and portrait photography, I do sometimes take the occasional photo of landscapes and flowers, which will also be included in this book.
    Now, as you move through my book, you will see a few of my most treasured photos.





    oh posh.. I’ve never seen a FF point and shoot !!! ;D rofl


    How bad is the eyesight of some people to make comments like this on these awful wedding photos.

    Nerve wracking making sure you got it right I bet? looks like you did.

    I was breifly talking to a friend of mine who said these are some of the worst wedding photos he had ever seen.It amazes me that she had gone through all the photos and thought the ones that were all orange beacuse of the wrong wb setting,and the ones that are out of focus/badly blurred were good enough to post to show what she can do.I mean how do you not notice things like major blurred faces,how is that possible?.I dont think she really understands enough about aperture or shutter speed,and just clicks away,so a point and shoot would be more beneficial if this is the best she can do,and if she actually thinks these images are of a good enough quality/standard.Im not a pro,but sure as hell would not put any photos up if they were this bad.It does get better as she has just bought a fisheye lens,as i truly believe she is more concerned about buying lenses than actually trying to use what she has already and do a good job.

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