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    It is literally impossible under many circumstances, actually. Other times it’s not worth worrying about. My clients are thrilled with my work.

    That statement is why this web site exist. They are thrilled, because people will except subpar as good. You are not as bad as some, but no way are you at the level to have the attitude that you do. And yes people produce straight walls all the time in photos. Look at any Better Homes and Gardens. Putting a wide angle on a DSLR and shooting a room and then leaving the lens distortion in the final image, well that takes true genius.

    I am not a photographer, I do not claim to be. But look at Flickr, Model Mayhem or pick a site.. You will see the same type shots over and over. Oh this is an early morning or late evening golden haze, let’s shoot model right. Now model left. Oh wait now lying down. hey train tracks and a sign.  We must get this shot. No one has ever shot that from an eye level before. Hey there is a bridge. Lets stand a girl in the middle and shoot it.. I bet no one has ever done that before. But hey, look I can blur my background. Look a plate of food. I will shoot down at it and just have the one part in focus. I bet that has never been done before. Maybe try shooting some fat people. At least they could be interesting and would take some creativity.


    Yes, that is a good point, people do often shoot things and other people. When are photographers going to get sick of all of these objects and places already?


    Maybe try shooting some fat people. At least they could be interesting and would take some creativity.


    You sound hungry.


    Photography is unnofensive. You could drop the condescending tone and assumption that you are better than anyone here. You’d get more customers with a tiny level of humility.


    Churchy is bang on.  Nothing more vomit-inducing than an “I am so great” attitude.

    Besides, I’ve seen better 😉


    I agree 100% with above commenters, please lose the condescending tone as it just makes you look like a tool.



    “You take photos of things in places.”

    “I’ve seen better photos in a magazine.”

    “I’ve seen better photos.”


    What’s funny is that I don’t even think I’m particularly good, but apparently you guys do. Lulz.


    just me

    nice work jj :0) i like you stuff x


    OK while I would not consider you a “fauxographer”, I honestly would put you in the same category as myself, while having a nice grasp on things you are still learning and still have a ton to learn, you are no where near as great as you seem to think you are.  Not only did I look at your flickr page but I looked at your webpage (which show the same collection).  You seem to have issues with cropping, you crop at bad location 85% of the time (toes, half a foot, knees etc), some of the poses reminded me of a child’s “I got to pee dance” = not good at all.  You like sun flare, you use it a lot, you seem to be using it as a crutch (since you think you have it mastered) or a gimmick either way, you need to break away from it and try something new and actually on a couple of you images you are underexposed by a stop or two.

    In short, you are doing well but are no were close to were your ego is, you need to get that in check.


    That I do not respect ridiculous criticisms or suggestions doesn’t say anything about what I think of my photography. And just because I post a photo in my portfolio doesn’t mean that I believe it to be flawless. Conclusions like this are the province of just the sort of troglodytes who populate this board. I think lots of horribly stupid people are attracted to the idea of art at the press of a button though, so I suppose it’s an occupational hazard.


    I guess I should also point out that almost none of those criticisms actually apply, aside from one photo with the feet cut off. Apparently in a flurry of emotion as you sifted through my photos hoping, praying to find something bad in there, you fantasized yourself up several things. Jetpix does this too.


    “And just because I post a photo in my portfolio doesn’t mean that I believe it to be flawless.”

    I would not expect it to be, either.  But then, why is it you seem to hold others to that standard?

    My issue with you JJ, is not your photography.  It’s not perfect, but whose is?   My issue with you is that you are condescending without cause, obnoxious without reason, and generally rude to just about anyone asking a question.  Not the comportment I would expect from a professional.  You can be blunt without being a jerk.  All I am saying is tone it down – say what you need to say without coming across like Freddy Kruger.


    Of course there are causes and reasons. I genuinely don’t like most of you and believe you to be functionally retarded.

    So much of what you people say is some sort of emotional reaction. You are completely incapable of objective evaluation. Some of you reacted emotionally to my laughing at incredibly stupid comments here. Some of you to my fatty thread. Others still to my suggestion that old-fashioned photographic tools are becoming increasingly irrelevant. (I guess the idea that photography is a dying art is threatening to a number of you, but that’s why I said it. trololololol. Not to say it isn’t true. It is.)

    Anyway, I can probably name half a dozen teenage girls alone on Flickr who I regard as better photographers than anyone on this forum so far, including myself. I have no issue with this. I actively follow the work of hundreds of amazing photographers. And this should offer you some clue as to how far beyond your standards mine are. The best photographers on Flickr positively eclipse your greatest aspirations. I mean, most of you fucks don’t even have taste. You don’t know what’s good or bad beyond a couple of hard rules pertaining to exposure and framing.

    So, there are your reasons.


    Thank you for making my point.



    For truely awe-inspiring work I look towards 500px.com

    That puts Flickr in the shade by miles and that’s saying something because there are some awesome photographers Flikr.


    Got to love it when someone is told they don’t rock the world like they think they do and they come back lashing out and acting like a child, lol.


    Dude you’re stuff isn’t anything i can’t see in any high school seniorphotographers portfolio, it’s actually like you have a checklist.


    Stand in field – check

    Sun flare – check

    Lay on bench – check



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