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    So I just have to know, am I fauxtog? Everything I’ve ever shot has just been purely for fun or because someone asked me to, mainly family. I was maybe thinking of taking a class at a community college, would it be worth it to get some knowledge?  Would love your opinions!



    Well, seeing how you are not charging–You are by definition, “not” a so called fauxtographer.. With that said; one does not simply take photos with a Kodak Easy Share and ask people to be objective..  The IQ of said camera, leaves a lot to be desired.. I think if you’re interested in photography than there will always be room for personal growth and learning.. Albeit, the first thing you should do is get an *SLR if you plan on making it more than a hobby sometime in the distant future.

    Edit: Or atleast something with manual controls.. I.e. shutter/aperture .

    –Just my opinion..


    Like ajay said, you’re not by definition a fauxtog. But you’re extremely limited with your point and shoot, and the only thing you can really control in that case is your composition… which does need work. A few images were ok, but you need to watch what’s in the background. Vertical lines such as trees coming from the middle of a person’s head, etc. Throw out any of the out-of-focus images too. My first point-and-shoot actually allowed me to “manually” change the aperture and shutter speed, and while it certainly was not a DSLR, it allowed for some control and I did get some creative shots with it.


    Your processing needs a lot of work.  Are you editing on a laptop?  Taking any kind of education is a good thing.  Keep shooting and enjoy it.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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