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    It’s fascinating to see this guy’s progression as a photographer. Wish more people would take the advice of others when it comes to learning photography.


    You can give a Faux the best kit in the world and they will still blame their equipment for taking a crap picture.

    A good photographer will always be able to take a better pic then a faux and use what ever is available to make it even better.


    I’ll try and remember to take a picture of my DIY gear next time I’m doing a shoot haha. It’s pretty funny.

    People that don’t listen to the advice given are just dumb. Advice is advice, you can choose to use it or not but you should ALWAYS listen to it.
    A lot of stuff I have learned from these forums. And I’ve learned a lot online (Mostly from Aaron Nace of Phlearn, that guy is incredible)
    Thank you guys for the continued support of my learning process!


    I would love a critique on my latest image taken the other day for my friend.

    She wanted to do an anti-Valentines theme…
    Let me know what you think please!

    How Much Do You Love Me?


    Looks great to me!

    If had to find fault in it…… I assume so is holding a (her) heart?  It might be good to make that a little clearer. it won’t be easy, but maybe if you could see a little more of it? Or put a some more medical references into it. You can hardly see the bandages.

    I know guys who would say that her hands are to big and you should have used a longer lens to compensate for that, but I actually prefer it as it is.

    I’d be proud to have made this.


    Thanks so much!

    It’s actually just the head of a small valentines teddy bear soaked in fake blood lol. Tried as best we could to make it look like a heart though.
    I’m pretty proud of this images. When completed, I’ll show you a few more from the shoot!


Viewing 6 posts - 91 through 96 (of 96 total)
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