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    I feel like this time around I did MUCH better.

    Less themed, but turned out REALLY cool (best I’ve ever done I think)



    It looks cool.  But, not convincing.  The tip of your nose is pretty sharp, your eyes are very sharp, the backs of your ears are quite soft.  DOF is around 6″, (during my formative years, Canada still used inches.  About 15 cm).  The buildings in your background are a little soft, but the red brick job, way in the back, is still pretty sharp.  With focus falling off inside the depth of your head, the background buildings should be coloured shapes with no detail.

    This has about the same DOF as your photo of you, but it is a single frame.  You can see the background about where that Ferris wheel is, is much softer, and the red brick building is closer than in your background, but balconies and windows are very soft.




    Took another look at the photoshop file and fiddled around a bit more.

    Composite - Revisit


    I think the sharpness of your head fits better, though I prefer the lighting in the first version.


    I’m back with another image. Forgot to post this one back in November.

    This is a photo I did to promote my page on the movember site for donations.
    Whatcha think?


    Not much wrong here!

    If it was my shot, I’d probably boost the blacks  a bit and darken the shadow side of  the face, but that’s just me.

    I would say you look better with out the tash!


    I like the Movember look!  You still look clean cut.  But, that’s coming from someone who has had a full beard since the middle of grade 13.  Now, high school ends at grade 12.  How dark the shadows should be is a personal thing.  If it were my photo and I made the shadow side any darker, my wife would be after me to brighten.

    Looking through the photos you posted here, your left eye is consistently less open than your right.



    Haha we weren’t all born symmetrical 🙁


    I feel like my workflow and everything is getting so much faster. I don’t have to put nearly as much work into my photos in post now and that’s a good feeling.


    Haha we weren’t all born symmetrical

    That’s true.  Sometimes it is caused by a medical condition and sometimes it is just genetics.  As the photographer, it’s your job to figure out how to make lack of symmetry and/or blemishes less noticeable.


    Back with another photo!
    This time it’s a headshot I did for my buddy.

    I’m very happy with how this turned out. Let me know what you think

    Zack headshot


    looks good.  Not trying to critique, well I guess I am, maybe.  How well does this match your buddies complexion?  Maybe its my monitor [about a week overdue on calibrating it] but it looks a little flat on the color.  Maybe just bump the saturation and/or vibrance up a bit, not much un;ess that is how he looks in real life.



    I like it.

    Your background looks slightly blue.  Navy blue instead of black, but perhaps the background is blue.  He has pretty good skin tones but if I reset the background, he turns green!

    Perhaps just a little, or a little more, back light to separate him from the background might be an improvement.

    Adjusting Vibrance and Saturation sliders a bit right would give him a bit more colour, warm his skin up a little and make him a little less pale.

    All very minor stuff.  It’s a good photo.


    Thank you!

    Yes it is a blue background (a blue blanket held up by my fiancee and a tripod lol).

    I was working with a lot of different light colour temps so I did the best I could at making it look as normal as possible in photoshop lol.
    I’ll show you the SOOC if you’d like lol


    I did the same as CC, adjusting temperature, saturation, tint and such, it looks fine.  I need to adjust my monitor again.

    I see at least 1 umbrella, possibly 2, what was your lighting set-up?


    First time using one of these Light setup tool things so bear with me


    the umbrella is actually a utility work light that I put my umbrella on to soften and change the temp of the light.
    I had no way to put a hair light up so I put a flash behind the backdrop on the flood and aimed it up at the ceiling to light up his hair a bit.
    the octabox is a homemade softbox I made… it does an alright job I guess…

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