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    Only magicians are allowed to cut people into parts (senior shots).  It’s looks fun but then a second later you can’t help but look at the bodies cut into pieces.  Your subject should be in focus and importantly, when there is more than one person in the pic, they all should be in focus (unless it’s deliberate).  Flat and crappy lighting makes for flat and crappy photos.  After you learn to focus, you might want to expand your ability to use light, both available and artificial to create depth to your shots.  Not every shot needs to be soft and fuzzy.  Think a little more about your positioning too.  Note the engagement of Sierra on the steps.  Crotch shots are rarely attractive.

    You have potential.  Everyone has potential.  Not everyone took amazing shots from the day they picked up a camera and some had to work hard at it.  Working hard at it and then charging money will make you money.  Picking up a camera and charging money will get you facebook friends and likes but very little money.  Unless you’re ok with a few bucks here and there, become a photographer, don’t just say you’re one, then go out and really take some pictures that will wow people and get them to hand over real cash.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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