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    It’s unfortunate that Eight Seconds has smoke or dust between camera and bull.  Eight Seconds looks over sharpened.  The Criminal is the best portrait.  The Spinster looks over sharpened.  The wagons are pretty cool.  Your photos with blue sky are weakest by far.

    I’m not a huge fan of B&W.  That aside, your B&Ws are better than your colour photos.  The blue sky landscapes don’t really have anything in them.

    You do head shots and candids pretty well.  The wagons too.  South Australia is too flat and far away; stand in front of something more interesting, or find something that can be shot as a close-up.  There are so many photos of just sky, it seldom carries the shot.

    My opinion is that you know what you are doing and can do it well.  My suggestion is to keep doing it, especially the head shots and candid photos.  I don’t think you need anyone’s help, unless it’s to carry gear and hold lights.  Most of us are too far away to be helpful with that.


    Ditto… EXCEPT for the Prisoner appears over-worked on the right side of the face. That may just be the B&W effect.

    Good stuff. You certainly know how to pull the drama out of a situation  🙂


    I really like The Mechanic. The rest don’t really do much for me though.
    I can picture you doing character studies. Something like this: An environmental portrait of your subject, a head shot or close up of your subject, and then details. I can picture them framed as one piece.


    BTW I love your about.  Just another chick with a camera.  So sick of seeing abouts that are embellished to the point of lying/fraud and full of so much fluff and nonsense that they induce vomiting when you read them.  Thank you for your honesty.  It’s refreshing to see.

    Worst Case Scenario

    I can’t believe I just did it, but I “Liked” you page and I’m actually looking forward to seeing what you post next.



    I like your salt lake pictures, i like pictures where there isn’t much going on and think salt lakes are amazing for that.

    I like 8 seconds very much, I think the comp is good and I like the muted colours created by the dust? I like the way his arm and the rope mirror one another almost in their form and line.  The other cowboy shots in b+w don’t do it for me, and after looking at 8 seconds I wonder if they would all look better in colour?

    The portraits are very interesting and I like the titles, which are quite emotive and also seem to focus on a simplistic definition or a perception of the subject. I hope that makes sense. Can you elaborate a little on the idea behind these images?

    I think the sepia is a little over done though, and the soldier one seems a little greenish.

    I find the criminal a beautiful mono image but for me the background is busy and competes with the subject. I don’t think all portraits require a OOF background but for me it’s neither here nor there as it’s too OOF to work as an environmental portrait and too busy to simply be a thrown b/g, allowing us to focus soley on the subject.

    The carts with the big skies are beautiful images, in composition, detail and tonal range, but I must admit I have seen this many times before. I would keep shooting such scenes but strive to make them your own in some way. I hope that makes sense.

    Keep it up!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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