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    Here let me type that louder.


    I just want to see imarealphotogragher’s work.  Anyone making that claim right from the get go shouldn’t have an issue with supplying some examples.

    Mrs Woo

    Hey look!  We’ve got a smart aleck (sorry, I try to be umm… really polite and usually sweet) here!  I guess we’ll either have to get used to the strange humor or ignore them.

    I’m might be a photographer.  I know quite a bit about the craft, but there’s always more to learn.  I have a lot of experience in nature/wildlife/landscape photography, a little with people photography, and made the switch to digital SLR about two years ago.  Way back when I had a film SLR and learned to make my own prints (which I keep considering doing again now that I’ve had a digital SLR in hand for awhile! – have to buy all the equipment and get the room put together though), so I consider myself at least a little experienced.  The inability to control depth of field as accurately with point and shoot cameras and lack of manual focus was driving me crazy and I begged DH to get me a DSLR whatever Christmas it would take him to save up (i.e., put aside the budget for my Christmas every year until enough Christmases had passed to get me a DSLR).  Since I am treated really well by my beloved spouse, he somehow made it happen the Christmas I asked.

    I was assured by the person who trained me in the darkroom (former wedding photographer) that it was too hard of a business to make a worthwhile living in and he talked me out of pursuing photography as a career.  Well, fast forward almost 30 years and I’ve developed an incurable disabling illness and am looking for something to make a little money here and there and to make me feel like I am not totally useless.   Hoping to put together some images for microstock companies and maybe sell my nature photography as fine art and make enough money to at least keep feeding the photography gear obsession that most of us develop sooner or later.

    Look forward to participating. I shoot almost exclusively Canon except for my water-resistant Panasonic P&S.


    Someone pass the popcorn please.


    Rude or not, Why would someone come onto this forum and call themselves a REAL Photographer and not be willing to show photos?

    Mrs Woo

    Well, since I don’t sell anything yet at this point, there is no way I would call myself a “real” photographer.  For that matter, it would take more than a few images for me to consider myself “real.”  I am, however a photographer.




    I’ve been visiting this site for ages now (well, not long after it went live), but definitely when it was still on the bad host that had issues. I’ve used it as examples to other wannabee photographers of what not to do, on multiple occasions.


    I’m always happy to post constructive commentary, but often mine has lots of attitude to boot! Bonus! However, I’m always pleased to admit when I’m wrong… it’s just rare. You know how I know? Because Fuck you. 🙂



    Hello there everyone!  🙂

    My name is Rita, and I am NOT a photographer. (lol) *waves awkwardly*
    I like to go on this website because it’s funny.  And looking at pictures, good or bad, is entertaining.

    P.S.  I apologize in advance for not being able to give any useful feedback.


    Looks like Imarealphotographer, should change his name to ImaOnePostWonder.  Just sayin…


    Hola, y’all.  I hate to be a jerk, but I’m totally in agreement with those that want proof.  It may just be from going to college, but citing your sources is important when making any claim.

    Anyway,  I’m just a guy who likes to take photos.  I have been told that my photos are pretty good, but I don’t let that get my head inflated.  I just really love photography and so I have tried getting into it.  I see things I like, and I shoot them.  I dont think there is ever a time when you’re done learning how to take better photos, it is probably why I love taking them so much.  Guess that’s it, hi, and bye.


    Wow!  It has already started…

    Break!  (right arm motioning toward the canvas). Fight!





    EXACTLY!!! That’s how I feel. The fact that I want to improve my skills has somehow prompted my nearbys to get on my case and URGE me
    to have a business, but I really just enjoy taking pictures of stuff that interests me.


    Mrs Woo

    You know, knowing how snarky people get, I wouldn’t be surprised that some would be uncomfortable sharing their images here.   An image can be technically good, but the wrong person (especially someone who loves to bully over the internet) would still critique it as not being good enough because it <i>did</i> follow all the rules.


    Haha I can attest to the snarky people and being hesitant to post… One person adamantly said I’m nothing but a mediocre photographer and cited one image in particular, saying he/she hated it and it was just a bad photo… Then later dropping their ridiculous banter and saying “I don’t actually hate the photo as much as I said I did.” After studying my photo wracking my brain as to why someone didn’t like it, I thought it may benefit from some cropping on one side to bring thr visual weight emphasis more on the subject. Said poster could have just gave me that sort of constructive criticism but instead said I was no good and may find something I’m good at “someday.” Haha I just can’t stand people like that!


    Hi  all – I’m just another person behind the scenes reading all of the comments…very interesting stuff.


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