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    Not sure where to put this so I’ll just roll the dice!

    I have been perusing this site with great amusement for a while now and just thought I would stop in and say “hello”.

    I am a fauxtographer “wannabe”.  At present I do not work professionally (I have another full time job keeping me from being a menace to society!), nor do I market, though I have sold a number of landscapes.  I have done a few portraits from time to time and am presently doing most of my work in the studio honing commercial type skills and exploring different techniques.  What clients I have/had in the past have come to me.

    Obviously I have a ways to go since I don’t seem to meet all of the criteria necessary to attain fauxtographer status.  But I am holding hope that maybe one day…!  Its hard to know where I stand since I’m not seeing many (if any) links to the regular posters’ work.  I did, however, enjoy viewing some of the Author’s work and consider it quite good.  Also, if I may say, I enjoyed cameraclicker’s thread on lighting.

    I really don’t know what I think of this site.  I get some laughs to be sure, but I’ve also seen some serious hostility.  To be fair I have also seen some real attempts at constructive critique rather than what seems to be the normal attack-style.

    But since, like my U.N. might indicate, I cannot seem to avert my eyes I figure I’ll keep visiting the site from time to time!  I do enjoy it!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello to everyone and say to the folks who are serious about pursuing photography that there are some folks here who seem to have a wealth of knowledge and are willing to give it freely.  Hopefully I’ll be able to take advantage of that myself. (if I’m not kicked out of here straight away after this post!)


    Hi trainwreck,

    Welcome 🙂 I’m an amateur/enthusiast.  I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and comments lately.  Glad you’re here.

    I can’t speak for everyone, but when I post my port or Facebook or anything, I get a lot of  “I liked your photography, now go like mine” type stuff from people I don’t know and/or I’m not impressed with.  There has also been a few times someone here has gotten angry with me because their photos are blurry or what have you, and have taken it to my pages.  There are also a handful of photo thieves and plagiarizers that have been called out here, (it’s a steady trickle) and they don’t take too kindly to it being pointed out to them that they are being fraudulent.

    I love sharing my work with photographers, but sharing with fauxtographers isn’t in my best interest.  I have no problem sharing my links within a thread (most fauxs and spammer types are lazy and don’t bother reading unless it is a thread they started and it’s about them), but I don’t start a thread with my link and I won’t link from my profile here either.  But feel free to have a look at my 500px



    Obviously I have a ways to go since I don’t seem to meet all of the criteria necessary to attain fauxtographer status.  But I am holding hope that maybe one day…!

    Do not fret, Trainwreck. As long as you keep your flash full power right at your subjects face, put away the useless tripod, and consider the finer points on selective color your goal will no longer be insurmountable. And, remember – practice is for suckers!!  🙂



    Thank you I hate Fauxtography!

    After I said what I said I realized what you are saying to me. I appreciate you giving me a heads up on that. I’m not used to this kind of forum yet and didn’t really think it through very well.

    I am used to the free exchange of advice and critiques that are all given and received well and in the spirit of learning. Which is how I hope to conduct myself here. But your point is certainly taken. Thank you.

    Doc, just when I had just about given up hope, you come along and give me a reason to live again!

    I’m charging up those flash batteries, junking the stupid tripod, and selecting a single color paint brush as we speak!

    Thank you for the Inspiration!


    Just took a gander at your link, I hate Fauxtography.

    Very, very impressive. You have a great and very artistic eye.

    Beautiful use of color, DoF, and excellent processing. It always does my Heart good to see macro used for something other than insects!

    Natural light (I see your window & room). It looks especially cool on Reflection in the Round. Are these glass or acrylic beads?

    Consider me a fan, IHF! Those are some seriously delicate subjects you are working with. Very cool.

    Um, if I may? Are you a site owner?

    Worst Case Scenario

    I’m charging up those flash batteries,

    Sorry, but you ain’t gonna make it with that attitude. A real faux would need to skulk off and buy some more AA’s mid job.

    Oh hang a minute……….. I’ve done that!



    Have you checked https://youarenotaphotographer.com/forums/forum/photography-showcase/ ?  Some of us have posted links there.

    500px is a Toronto based site that operates like Flickr and the Ning based sites.  They offer free and paid accounts.  By paying, you get more upload capability and possibly more customization options.  I have an account there, but don’t use it as much as I should, so I don’t hand out the URL.



    Thank you cameraclicker.

    I had skimmed that group of topics and didn’t get back in the history very far until just very recently.

    I’m still kind of peeling the layers off the onion here! Trying to learn the interface at the same time.


    By site owner, do you mean the owner of YANAP?  No, but I have submitted a few fauxtographs that made the cut to be featured on the homepage :/

    Owner of a 500px site?  No, I just have a free account, and since I don’t plan on ever having my port go much over 100 images (meaning as I add, I take away) I don’t think I need a paid account.

    Do I own a proper site for my photography?  No, I just recently broke even and my “art” has paid for all of my equipment and finished work  woot woo!  A successful hobbyist?  I’m not ready to add any extra expenses.  But, soon I may be taking things more seriously as far as selling goes.  I’ve been on the fence about it for several months now.  I kind of like not having to worry about sales and all that goes with it, and adding a monthly charge puts a little pressure on me.

    The beads are called “orbeez”  they are a child’s toy.  I bought them for my son a few years back.  He didn’t care for them, but I made a study of them.  They are basically water beads like the ones used for flowers and plants http://www.amazon.com/Pound-Bag-Water-Beads-Clear/dp/B0050ZNWYG only re-packaged for children to play with.

    Reflection in the round was shot at my old house.  It had north west windows that took up the entire back of the house.  It was very fun to shoot there.  I use natural light, LEDs, small homemade reflectors, and flashlights.  I also have two small continuous light soft boxes.  I haven’t taken on flash yet, and not sure if I will anytime soon.  But, some day that very fun can of worms will be opened, and watch out!  he he he

    Thank you so much Trainwreck,  I needed a lift like that.  Been feeling rather stuck lately, second guessing my latest projects, and mentally torturing myself. Culling the port to the point I want to take everything down and start over lol I always seem to creep my way out of these phases eventually, and encouragement like that helps a lot.  So does goofing around and telling myself just to shoot anything, and quit trying so flippin hard.


    Hi IHF,

    For some reason I thought you might be an owner of this site. I don’t know why.

    But you have made the front page? And hung around? You are my Hero!

    Viewing your work I don’t see it at all and never would have guessed.

    I can only speak for my self of course. I don’t sling a camera to put food on the table. For me it would become a job and take the fun out of it.

    If/when it ever gets to where I’m not having fun? Its over.

    I haven’t got time for the pain!


    “But you have made the front page? And hung around? You are my Hero!”
    ahhhhhhh! No!! lmbo. No, I’m just a horrible human being and have turned other people’s work in. I don’t do that anymore, but yeah, at one time I was a pretty heavy contributor…oops
    Although my portraits are seriously lacking, they aren’t front page material. I’d show you, but I only shoot family and friends for fun, and I think it’s kind of creepy to post them publicly.
    Just so you know I’m not full of shit…
    I asked for help once on a public forum and it’s still up. If I search my name it pops up… it kind of makes me cringe lol So yeah, if I need help with anything I usually PM someone I trust, or ask a private group. Here’s the link to my thread asking for more understanding of studio lighting
    What’s funny is… Attempting to make my lighting “perfect” after receiving the help I wanted, I succeeded in accomplishing almost perfectly flat lighting lmao it cracks me up every time it see it.


    I don’t know what about the cringing IHF! Looks like you got some pretty detailed explainations on that link! If I had a nickel for every time I did something that made me cringe I’d be retired a long time ago!

    And just so you know I am full of sh**! I have made it a Life’s Goal to make the front page!

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