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    What a star wears to an awards show can either make or break them. Some try to go more outlandish than ever while other are just trying to be beautiful and graceful. At this year’s Golden Globes award show, we will get to see the most fashionable stars. But for now, let’s just look at the fashion trends we are expecting. Hopefully, those girls know when their dress is too much before getting ripped to pieces by the media.

    Covering up

    One trend we expect to see this year is more girls covering up on the red carpet. Surprisingly, we’ve seen a lot more dresses with sleeves and that go to the ground. It seems showing off too much skin isn’t very appropriate anymore, and fashion trends are leading to more graceful ways of covering up. Fashion trends have gone from wearing as much clothing as possible to as little as possible in the last one hundred years, so hopefully we’ve finally found a happy medium.

    Custom-made gowns

    Most of the women at the awards shows will be wearing custom made gowns given to them for use during the night by a well-known designer trying to get their name out there a little bit more. If you can get a really well-known actress with a lot of great fans in your dress for the night, and if the fans like the dress, you’ll get a lot more business flowing in. Maybe the average people can’t afford one of your custom dresses, but the wealthy people have no problem getting a custom gown for their black tie
    event next weekend.

    Which girls will wear what

    The predictions from the Huffington Post are that the women with curves will keep the dresses curvy, the men will stick with traditional suites, and most women will stick to dresses this year instead of pant suits. Most of the women are going to stay more traditional and cover up a little more, as mentioned previously. Luckily, these women don’t have to do too much to look extra beautiful because they are already are pretty gorgeous. They would even look good wearing Jumpin Jammerz footy pajamas to the awards show, but that might be a little too covered up on the red carpet. I wouldn’t put it beneath some of the funnier stars though. Maybe we’ll see Jim Carrey in footy pajamas this year.




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