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    I just saw a petapixel post about Jason Lanier and some discrimination against photographers. Looking for other references on google, I came across some articles where photographers have refused to shoot same sex weddings. It got me wondering how different it would be to shoot a gay wedding.
    I’m not here to debate whether you think it’s right or wrong, I’m just interested in the kind of shots you would take.
    What I mean is, the typical male with female posing is well documented and there are a lot of examples of go-to shots. But, would you pose two men/women in the same way, as if one was the bride and the other the groom? I hope you all understand that I don’t mean to sound derogatory or insulting, I just thought it would be interesting to hear thoughts and real world examples. Does it flow naturally like any other wedding day, or do you have to work a bit differently on posing so that it looks right?

    Worst Case Scenario

    Every wedding pose will only work with certain body shapes. You need to have poses for tall brides who marry midgets and fat grooms who marry rakes. They all start  with “normal” poses that I adapt to fit. I haven’t done many gay weddings but I treat them just like any other.

    My first gay wedding felt like a bit of a cheat as the bride was a oriental lady boy, and the best looking bride I had all year!


    Same-sex weddings are pretty much the same. You simply have to go into it treating them as two people in love, which is really the same regardless of the sex of the couple involved as this of course applies to all weddings. But rather than thinking “bride and groom”, you think “couple in love” and it, at least for me, allows your brain to look at the couple as a couple and allows me to “get past” some of the typical shots I’d do if I had a male/female couple. Again, for me at least, as I see the couple (even though they are groom/groom or bride/bride), as two people in love, that helps me to adjust my day to what will work for them, leaving out (usually but again not always), poses like dips. You might actually be surprised as to how many “typical” shots still work, depending upon the couple. And as with any couple, you will always have to adapt to what will work for them. Some ladies will both have wedding dresses, an other times one will be in a suit and sometimes both. This can, but not always of course, lead to a dominant figure and you can alter some shots accordingly. Personally, I love the bride/bride weddings as the brides are always my favourite to work with. A bride with her dress and flowers always makes for a wonderful shot so two is just naturally twice as great. For the gents, it’s the same sans the dresses. And I actually find that in general, two gents are easier to work with and are more at ease than groom/bride. Oh, and then there is the bridal party. So yes, you’ll have to be prepared for a change there at times. Rather than some ladies and gents, you may find all ladies or all gents. Sounds intimidating but really, that just leaves out a few “typical” shots but can open up others. Are there favs you like to do with the ladies, or with the gents? Now you can do more because you don’t have to split your time and that sort of thing.

    In all, it’s not really different and very much like your very first wedding. I saw your post on the other thread and yes, we were probably all petrified and sweated half our body weight on our first wedding day. It’s new and different (you know what I mean though, not odd but just different from the usual experience is all) but after the first, you’ll see it’s all great and you’ll probably be looking forward to more. I know I do. Because for me, I’ve always seen the couple as just two people in love and come whatever happens on the day, it all boils down to two people in love and everything around them is just icing on the cake.


    I recently shot a bride-bride wedding and it was a blast… I do tend to put more post time into the brides, so it added a lot of extra time I didn’t expect.


    I’d imagine you’d shoot it like any other wedding except you’d do two sets of “groom” shots or two sets of “bride” shots, depending upon situation. The couple and group shots should be the same.


    Same sex wedding is now legalized in almost many of the countries. A wedding is a ceremony which binds two people in a beautiful relationship. Recently, I have taken shots of the groom-groom at the Addison of Boca Raton. It was very good and different experience.


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