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    Wouldn’t you just love this one to remember your special day?


    Image compliments of John Ramer Photography

    Worst Case Scenario

    If all the shots are like this then maybe they need to up their shutter speed, But I expect this is just one of a whole set of  of great shots.None of the images you are posting are bad enough to be on the front page of this site. You obviously have a problem with John Ramer Photography.


    I went ahead and looked him up on facebook. He appears to be mainly a landscape photographer (lots of HDR) who is doing some people shooting as well. He’s actually got a few more bad shots in the same series or rather lots of mediocre ones and a couple of blurry disasters. I wouldn’t call him a faux, just not a very good tog or at least well out of his depth. I suspect he could benefit from working as a second shooter for a few weddings as he is a far better landscape phbotographer than people photographer

    I just wish someone would tell him to ease off on the HDR though




    I found the Facebook page too.  I agree with Nesgran’s view.  He has some landscapes and a digital art or two that I like a lot.


    I wonder what LillyLynn06’s photos look like.

    Manual Mode

    There are some nice landscapes there a good mixture. I do like natural HDR not the Harry Potter grunge scary stuff lol. I shoot  mainly landscapes and studio stuff and have just recently started shooting people. I find them somewhat of a mystery lol, they move and can be tough to light. I of course do not charge for my services as I am a student still in the learning process.



    That one has great sales potential as it is. While is HDRs are pushed a bit on the colors they are starting from good compositions and subjects in general and could actually sell as they are. In general, I think most togs that try HDR start out with it a bit over the top and usually tone it down as the progress in their hobby or career and that includes me. I am still redoing some of my older work for that exact reason.

    Wedding wise, well, I will let you people shooters talk about that.

    (Oh, I get asked to shoot weddings now and then and quote them a 15K starting price. If anyone does take me up on it, I have an outstanding “second shooter” that will tag along with me for 10K of that.)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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