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    I shoot film, so there isn’t that much to sift from. I do my own retouches.

    If you shoot a lot, you may want to look into a retoucher. It does add to your overhead (obviously) so maybe someone who you can grow with and who you have good chemistry with and can work with your rates. They will save you time (and time is $). Really great ones can match whatever look you want to go with. Be careful though, SO many people think they can set up Photoshop and be a retoucher. It’s really an art. And as such should be treated like that. Personal references makes it so much better.


    Jeremy, thanks for the compliments! Your work is great too! I’m down to collaborate. I would love to do photography full force, but my current job keeps the income flowing between my husband and I.

    iliketag, thanks for the compliments as well. I don’t mind giving away where the locations are at. I don’t understand why they would be a secret if the places I’ve been shooting are mostly popular photography spots in my area anyway. To me, keeping secrets about where you shoot is a bit selfish. I think one should worry about doing a great job with their photography and composition,  and let that speak for itself. Only time I will not disclose a location if it’s at the person’s private home…for obvious reasons!



    I can relate wanting to pursue photography more as career. With over ten years of having my insurance business, it isn’t quite as easy to just close those doors to open new ones in photography. But I have a plan to make the transition.

    But yes, it’ll be good to meet up, as I also want to pick your brain on designing.



    博狗麻将 http://5rm.com.cn


    Not bad. Invest in some reflectors and hire an assistant to hold them. Your lighting is a bit flat.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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