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    I could eat popcorn to this!

    JLiu! It’s been so long! Stumbled upon anyone worthy of the front page recently?


    It doesn’t manner what opinions you guys have or anything because I’m actually making money from all of this traffic that I’m getting on my website.

    I’ve already had two tristate area people contact me today and recieved around $40 from hits alone…..keep up the traffic and keep on spreading the word around to my website/name “i.dont.care” you’re doing me a service :D.

    I also find it ironic and humorous that you believed me when I said that I made “6 digits” when it’s obvious that I don’t make 6 digits from photography and I’m pulling your strings.

    The fact that you and others fell for it show how naive that you are and basically full of it. I highly doubt that you make a living from photography yourself especially with your attitude and “getting off” talking trash to others on the internet.

    I have yet to see anyone post a link to their photos yet besides me in this thread.

    Lets see your work so that it can get critiqued!

    Also, I only shot 1 self portrait and it was over a year ago, I admit my website needs revamping but that will be coming in the near future.

    Keep spreading my name around “idont.care” you’re just making me more money and getting my name out there to other photographers brother 🙂 . Luckily photographers aren’t my clients HA.

    You can all go back to all of your crap talking to hide your personal issues 😉


    What web service is this that pays you for hits? Do you have advertisers? Hmm…

    I’m so naiive, sure, because you were being serious about everything else and then throw in that you made 6 figures? It’s the internet dude. Sarcasm doesn’t easily come across. It’s certainly not impossible for one to make 6 figures on photography.

    I’ve already stated that I don’t make a living on photography. I have a full-time job besides. I’ve thought of making photography a full-time thing but I don’t have enough overhead to really do that right now. In the future? Possibly.

    Photographers aren’t your clients because they see you’re using consumer grade gear. Duh.

    I don’t have personal issues. I don’t get jollies about talking crap about other photographers. I actually heavily support other good photographers in my area… I however like to laugh in disbelief that some of the shit posted on this website actually generates money for those people.

    You remind me so much of Ricky Cain, that royal jackass who thought he was the greatest thing since sliced bread with his fake HDR photos of garbage cans in his backyard and extremely underexposed and blurry photos due to his willingness to never change his ISO from 100 because the noise was unacceptable.

    You may click on my screen name; I believe it’s a direct link to my Flickr stream.


    WOW!!!! Last I saw everyone was defending this Warren J guy.

    Talk about Appreciation. Personality says it all, regardless of his work I wouldn’t want to do any business deal with this guy personal or professional. But my guess he is going to say he wouldn’t want my business anyway, just aswell.



    Photographers aren’t my clients because they do their photos themselves for the most part…..atleast the ones that I know haha.

    What’s funny is that I don’t consider myself to be good.

    You keep on saying that but I told you that I’m still learning and there are a ton of photographers way better than me out there……

    You’re slow to pick that up I guess.

    Anyways, some of you guys should work for Canon as I think that I might actually upgrade my gear.

    How much of a difference would I see going from a 40D with kit lenses to a 5Dc & an 85 1.8 paired with a 35F2? I hope that there’s a huge jump in quality but I switch gear often (from using zooms to primes etc) as I’m still honing my personal style and improving every photoshoot.

    Also, I never said I was hot you know what and I don’t take blurry photos or only use iso 100…….I don’t believe that theres anything wrong with HDR though so to each their own.

    When done correctly HDR doesn’t even look like sterotypical “HDR” with it’s cartoonish looked.




    BCLC just like you said I wouldn’t want to do any work for other photographers especially the ones in my area so I could care less.

    Also I took a look at browneyedgirls photos and most look good but his PP technique is trendy of the current style going around so I don’t see how he can talk crap on others when he uses trendy techniques himself.


    Also, the fact that you’re on a website where they talk crap on other random people/photographers shows a lot about YOUR personality LOL.

    I’m on here not getting along with anyone because most of them get off talking trash on random people/photographers that I would actually defend as I think that it’s out right wrong and most of the people on here are just jealous and/or have personal problems so they get a kickback on talking trash.

    Other than that I would want NOTHING to do with anyone registered on here.


    And you Joined this site why?? If you have a look most of the people here try to reach out to these ‘fauxtographers’ and most of them have a bad attitude and don’t want to be helped/guided.  The thing is people were defending your work no one was trashing you in the beginning.  Even if people did post their own work here I’m sure you would find something wrong with it just out of spite.


    Wow… several ridiculous posts by Warren later…. Jesus dude, just go away. No one cares about you anymore.


    Hey guys! I found my candidate for contribution! Maybe it’s just Craigslist but MAN this guy is not sending a very clear message of what it is he wants you to hire him for. His work that is “photography” looks like it’s from the mid to late eighties… I get wanting to get back into the business, but go out, shoot some new stuff and THEN advertise… plus, the demon lady and her red, dead eyes really creep me out.



    His photos look fine, I doubt that you could even shoot half as good as him.

    Like I said, just another crap talker on this website.


    Oh Warren, warren, warren. You make me laugh.


    That guy might be a decent photographer, but his images are very lackluster, at least with what is available with the technology of today. He’s probably a pro who never really changed with the times as far as style… which in this industry, is pretty necessary.

    Warren- I am a WOMAN. Yes, “browneyedgirl” has the word “girl” in it, and my Flickr icon is a picture of ME- a female. Something about you comes across as uh, dumb.

    I have never talked “crap” about people using trendy techniques in post processing, I talk about the overuse/crazy editing techniques that look very fake and/or are used to cover up otherwise poorly-shot photography, and I say when I find some really bad photography (edited or not). I’m not sure what you are getting at here. My style closely matches a lot of mainstream editing techniques; I like to keep my clean edits with minimal “trendiness” but some of what I post online is some of the additional, maybe more creative edits of those images (I always offer a clean edit aside from what might look more trendy).

    HDR is really nice when done correctly, but I was referencing a lead-headed guy who thought he was some superior artist yet his HDR was nothing more than a crappy image he oversaturated in Photoshop. I’m not likening your photography to his (yes, it is world’s apart) but I am likening your attitude to his.


    I think we are just wasting our breath honestly.

    Worst Case Scenario

    In my experience there’s a very easy way to tell a PRO from an AMATEUR photographer.

    If I’m working at a wedding, so it’s obvious that I’m the photographer – anyone who comes up to me and starts talking photography is an amateur!  Another pro would just let me work and then say Hi  in the bar after.

    If I’m not working I (and every other pro I know) won’t be  carrying a camera so anyone who you see wondering around the shops with a big white lens hung around their neck is an amateur.

    But this is the most obvious give away… If I’m at a party and I have to tell some one that I’m a photographer and they say ” So am I” An amateur will immediately ask what sort of camera I use, another pro will ask how much I charge for a wedding!

    Personally I don’t care what equipment you use A GOOD PICTURE IS A GOOD PICTURE  even if it was shot on a phone and spent 3 weeks in the photoshop, or it was shot on a 5×4  tranny.



    WCS-I take my 70-200/24-70 and 1dx just about everywhere I go. I don’t own any small pocket cameras aside from my phone–I can’t get the results I want from that. Doesn’t mean shit about being pro or amateur.. I’m constantly networking with new potential clients and as a niche–I do a few free photos for people. It’s effective. It’s hard to sell a product to a potential client using a camera phone.


    They make plenty of portable softboxes that simply “pop out”, thereafter you simply Velcro the outer diffuser on.. Generally, an assistant will occupy the monopod attached to these. . There’s actually 3 things I like to utilize: a scrim (if it’s bright as fuck with minimal cloud coverage), a reflector, and a lightstick.

    The “creative time” you have and the reception are where you can focus on using multiple speedlites–the rest of it, I’d suggest just taking a journalistic approach unless you absolutely know what you’re doing.. Prelighting the ceremony with hotlights is a choice–you just have to plan your scene. The point is, if you’re not 100% sure about strobist work, slap the speedlite in the hotshoe with a stofen or have an assistant shadow you with a softbox/umbrella with an ETTL enabled radio trigger (if it’s an option).

    In my opinion: Weddings = Fast glass, good body, full frame sensor. Sometimes you just don’t have the option to blast people with flash.. Sometimes you can use hotlights, sometimes you have to use the light that’s available.. I did a wedding where a dude had epilepsy; absolutely NO flash was allowed (period) — he was a groomsman.. I didn’t know that until the day of.. Thank god for the 1.2L’s 🙂 Imagine having to do that with a f/4-5.6? Not possible.


    Warren–You think anyone here actually believed you? You are a bit slow, aren’t you. Apparently, you don’t understand the concept of sarcasm. 🙂

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