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    Yes my friends are the “My First Wedding” Disaster, I am mean photoshoot.  They are a funny couple with a really cute little girl, but the photos from the wedding are shit.

    I found another HORRIBLE fauxtographer from my FB feed this week.  Somebody posted a link to them, so I thought I should share.


    She posts most of her pictures on FB in a lower resolution, which I think she rips from her Smugmug account here:


    First off, I have to say I can’t stand her watermark and name.  “Reflections of Angels Eyes’ Photography” is ridiculously long, and makes for a God awful ugly watermark to smear right across the middle of your photo.  It totally distracts from your photo, but that of course assumes you would want to see it.  Which in this case, you will not want to.  Here are a few choice selections:


    I wish that kid had gotten out of the shot.  He’s really blocking my view of that gorgeous red barn behind him.


    He’s still in the shot, and now he’s making it all blurry.


    He wants to touch the barn as much as I do.  I think.  Its so blurry its hard to tell.


    WTF is this effect on the sides??  She like squeezed it in the middle.  Thank God for that and the vignette to distract me from the lady with her closed eyes and hair all in her face.


    She has horrible focus issues, but yet continues to post this shit online like people will enjoy it anyways.


    Obviously pop-ip flash with that horrible shadow on the wall behind her.  Awesome.


    “Unfocused Photography” would be a better name judging by her shots.


    WTH is this?


    Nice focus on the trees a quarter mile behind them.  Glad this still got posted.


    Most awkward pose ever.


    I think you have something on the back of your dress there.


    Artistically unfocused shooting again?


    First shot of the set is a girl so out of focus I can barely make out WTH she is.


    Rest of the set is crap, with constant shots being posted that are focused on objects way behind the subject.  That does not instill confidence.


    Everybody loves shots where the subject is squinting straight into the sun.


    Looks like she finally found a way to at least get one subject in focus.


    From her FB page, I love her camera choices.  A little Nikon and a little Canon?  WTF.  Lets get the crappiest gear from both sides instead of choosing one and investing in, I dunno maybe a $100 prime lens or a used flash?  Nah, cheapest body and kit lens from both.  Almost totally uninterchangeable.

    Now obviously she has not been doing this long.  Looks like she posted her first picture about 4 months ago.  But, scoping out the About on her FB page I found this gem:

    Tiffany started taking pictures just for the fun of it and found that she loved it. So she enrolled at the New York Photography Institute and completed their photography courses. When you come to Reflections of Angel Eyes Photography you will not have to worry about the high cost of photos. Tiffany prides herself on keeping her sessions very affordable but with high quality images. There is no session that will be to big or to small.

    Ugh, really?  You took and completed the courses at NYPI and you still take photos that are more out of focus than shots my 6 year old takes?  Get the hell outta here.  If this was just a MWAC popping photos for fun, I could forgive this.  But this lady is putting herself out there as a professional photographer when most of her shots are blurry shit.  Learn how to use your camera and then maybe expect to get paid for your work.  She even booked a wedding according to her FB page earlier this month.  God help whatever poor bride gets the shots afterwards and find 1/2 of them are totally out of focus.



    Those are really bad. Some people I don’t understand how they actually passed a pnotography class. And seriously, why would you use two different brand cameras? What are you going to invest in?


    FF, TYTYTY, I really needed some good laughs this evening.

    Technically though, she does have something in focus in every shot… buahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    The NYPI does not exactly instill confidence in their program with testomonials like this one. Seriously, I wonder what lesson they address actually selecting your focus point instead of letting the camera guess what you want. Must be graduate level stuff….


    FF, TYTYTY, I really needed some good laughs this evening.

    Technically though, she does have something in focus in every shot… buahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    The NYPI does not exactly instill confidence in their program with testimonials like this one. Seriously, I wonder what lesson they address actually selecting your focus point instead of letting the camera guess what you want. Must be graduate level stuff….

    Manual Mode

    Focus is for amateurs! and subtle saturation? hell no th1s one goes to 11! I do agree on the watermark however, she should consider upping the size because at that little tiny size anyone could clone it out and steal her work!!


    This might be a sorta long one with all my responses.

    First of all – Nothing about floating groom in the picture frame? Disappointed!

    Now to the replies!

    Electonic and JCF, yes art is subjective… but the thing that strikes me as odd about that guy is the inconsistency. How can you build a business off of haphazard photos/niches? It just seems weird to me. The selective coloring of the one with the water and the boats is just not up to par with his other work…

    : Oh gosh… I would be so disappointed if those were my wedding photos 🙁 The diffuse glow, the horrid composition. I honestly feel like this woman is not prepared in the slightest to do any contracted work. Why do people hire her?!

    The “reflections of angel eyes photography” is also just… well, it’s bad. The watermark! In front of peoples’ faces! How can you share images like that? It’s so distracting and actually obscures your image entirely! Plus the name is a mouthful… not marketable in the slightest. Goodness me, I feel like I could be making bank on suckers who pay for this crap right now… *sigh*

    @Nearly: The Blossom Cherry Photography page is pretty damn bad too. The unnecessary high contrast makes me wonder if some shots could have been salvageable before she ‘shopped them into the ground. Also, if the name you want for your business is taken, choose another… don’t just flip words. It makes you look sad.

    Ok ok, I’m done being mean… … …for now.


    EDIT: Oh oh oh! I just saw the senior ones! Oh geez! Not only are the shots out of focus… that feminine pose! With the arm up! Ooooh so hilarious.
    Deep breaths annnnnnd… now I’m done.


    I googled the “New York Photography Institute” and came up with the New York Institute of Photography, an online correspondence course. Anyone really surprised?


    I googled the “New York Photography Institute” and came up with the New York Institute of Photography, an online correspondence course. Anyone really surprised?

    Not really 🙂


    A jaded Girlfriend? Don’t even know that guy. Stumbled over his work by accident. I just hate his shitty photography. That’s all 😀
    Maybe I just misunderstood what this site is about and I get it now. Not a good post for the front page. And, btw: NO, the guy not a good photographer.
    Of course, you can always say that’s just subjective and the example of this 600$ HDR mess is supposed to proof that: no, it doesn’t proof that all.
    It is a lazy, uninteressting photo. Bad subject. Bad execution and then put an insane amount of that fauxtographer HDR love on it.
    The front page of this site, in fact, proofs that bad work will probably still find somebody who’ll like it and pay for it. Just like that 600$ thingy did. Great for you. I like people earning money! I really do! All I wanted is to have some fun. I’m sure this guy exactly knows what he’s doing. I guess most of the guys on the front page do so as well. And that he takes himself so serious made me feel that he’d be a great fit. Guess not.





    Haven’t been on in a bit so had some catching up to do and there are some cracking links posted. “Refraction of Satans face” – ….wow. Now I haven’t personally checked if she charges, because I can’t be bothered, but if she does then …wow…just wow.

    @Electronic  –  Really? How many times are we going to go over this. I visited this site a lot before I joined and never saw things that didn’t really deserve to be on here. That German tog certainly doesn’t deserve a place here. Most people on the front pages DONT know what they are doing, hence they end up there. If you can’t tell the difference between someone who does know, and someone who doesn’t know what they are doing then you shouldn’t post here.


    Here is an example of taking a shit photo and relying on editing it later to salvage it. Seriously take a decent photo to begin with would be a good start.


    I am no pro but I can get a decent shot SOOC and only need to make  very slight adjustments to white balance, contrast ect.




    Just came across this site and laughed so hard that I felt I had to give something back to you guys.

    Some true gems from Germany:


    Or this guy, he actually charges real money for what he does: http://raupi-pictures-design.elf24.de/text/Home

    A little cheating, he’s from Switzerland: http://www.mypictureart.com/StartPage.html





    @ Mimion – The first 2 there are pretty horrendous I must admit. The guy from Switzerland has some really decent images for what he does. He has let himself down with the weird thermal camera effects on duplicates of the images.   www.mypictureart.com/Dominique_imagepages/1.htm

    Other than that he does have knowledge of what he is doing by the look of it.

    Worst Case Scenario

    Thomas, I’ll have to disagree with you about the Swiss guy. Whilst I only endured a few of his many galleries. His website alone is could be considered a crime against humanity. I can STILL hear the music!!!!  I do a lot of work with nudes and models and the photographers who work mainly in this field use the phrase GWC instead of Fauxtographers. It stands for GUY WITH CAMERA. And is usually applied to guys with no artistic ability who some how manage  to persuade women to take their clothes off. Swiss guy is defiantly a GWC . None of the girls I saw looked relaxed or comfortable. His posing is awful , and even his background choice is terrible.


    Crime against humanity says it all.

    Got a friend request from this great artist: http://www.modelmayhem.com/portfolio/2588053/viewall . On his site http://donsphotoworld.com/ you can also purchase all of these great pieces of art!


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