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    People having the nerve to say that “anyone can be qualified” is ridiculous.

    Nicole Mennell said: “I have achieved my goals, worked as hard as the ‘qualified’ am a full manual mode photographer an achieved amazing pictures”

    I like some of her shots, and she has some near misses.  If the horse and human photo had a bit more depth of field, it would be really good.  She strikes me more as “emerging” than as “faux”.   If she is doing “all manual, all the time” she is working too hard at the wrong things, but she seems to be trying hard.  “amazing pictures” is a bit of a stretch but advertizing copy is full of stretched truth.

    The state of punctuation and grammar is bad, and declining.   People’s lack of interest is probably due partly to the educational system and partly to technology.  Educators don’t emphasize skills as much as they could and technology has its own demands.  Although, I wonder if our view of our parent’s generation, or their parent’s generation is skewed.  It could be that only those who wrote with good grammar and punctuation were held up and the rest were hidden away.



    Yup! Pretty much what Seth said.
    I hate fauxtography- I have seen a lot of your posts and I usually agree with you. I wasn’t calling the legs guy out as a faux. It is just one of those “artsy” pictures that I personally don’t get. Saying that I need to spend less time here and go study composition, etc. though was too much. I don’t spend a lot of time here. I think I have maybe called out 2 people total, and no one disagreed with me. Photography is a total hobby for me, I spent hours reading, I have a pile of photography books and a paid subscription to a photography site, for pure enjoyment. The post was probably misplaced, but I stand by what I said. You may have loved it, but I still don’t…and will not, no matter what I go study.


    I apologize for misinterpreting your reply/post as a faux call out.  It was posted on a “you are not a photographer” forum within a thread in titled “fauxtogs who should end up on the main page” that is used to link to bad work and discuss both bad photography and bad business practices, so Im sure you understand where I was coming from.  I was also able to laugh at myself for getting so carried away, when Seth called me out on it.  Sometimes mood is a powerful influence.  No hard feeling Katie.  Things like this get misinterpreted all the time when communicating online.  It’s difficult to make up for lack of voice influx and the like when typing, especially when we too quickly spit out what we want to say, without any sort of elaboration.


    I hate- I totally get where you are coming from. I agree, it is hard to tell sometimes without hearing the voice. And I did kind of post a random link without much description. No hard feelings at all!  ツ


    Hi. I just have to post this guy. Makes me so mad.

    He actually seems to be kind of an established Photographer. Own proper Studio. Equipement. Web site and all this stuff.

    But just look at his work. HDR filter ’til everything looks like Zombie Land. Portraits that just suck.
    There’s a lot on here that’s even worse and really absurd, but seeing this guy actually running a proper business with this … just makes me mad. 😉
    This is a good candidate for the front page, because if you do work like he does, yes, that too makes you a fauxtographer IMO.And what I really, really hate is his marketing. He does the: I’m your hometown photographer, I’m from your neighborhood, I love our town so much thing. Argh.





    His website:



    Rant over. 😉


    Electonic, we have this discussion frequently here.  In the context of this site fauxtogs are basically clueless portrait photographers who provide substandard product and typically charge too little to realize a profit or livable wage.  While you may not like his art, or his portraiture, Christian’s work suggests to me that he knows exactly what he is doing.


    1. I actually like his portraits.

    2. I like his art.

    3. Art is subjective and is bought after the fact so it is not faux and frankly it is extremely well executed. Whether you like his vision or not is irreverent.

    4. Are you a jaded ex girlfriend perhaps? Regardless, you should not let people “piss you off” so easily with what they do.

    5. Want to really get pissed and show people what should be on the front page? This image is WAY overdone compared to the artist you posted but yet I sold one yesterday for ~ $600 total cost of ownership including shipping. It has sold before at very large sizes as well. I have no doubt it would belong on the front page IYO though. http://jc-findley.artistwebsites.com/featured/dramatic-skies-jc-findley.html


    I really like that shot you did, JCF. Old buildings (especially barns and factories) are fun to photograph.


    I’ve been a little busy to post, but I have hit a couple of new ones that are goldmine lately.  First, I feel bad that I have some friends who I have previously done some photos for and they got married last month.  I was unable to shoot their wedding when asked, so I gave some suggestions of photogs to use and avoid to the mother-in-law.  She ended up going with a “friend” who shot it.  Here is her website.


    I was out of town, so I had no clue they had picked her until after the wedding was over and the photos started showing up on FB.  Wow.  I thought it was just somebody in the audience and not the hired photographer.  I talked to my friends later on and they said that she was the photographer and charged $300 for her work.  They knew they were in trouble she pulled out one camera with a kit lens and pop-up flash for her whole kit.  She never changed up lenses, as is pretty obvious by the shots.  I felt really bad for them and wish I did not have the previous engagement already scheduled.


    Thanks Andy,

    I actually like it as well but thought it made for a good example of the differing tastes in art. It will be seen as over the top HDR by some whereas others will love it enough to actually pay good money for it.

    I actually like all the work from the photographer from Germany above.


    Ja, electronic. Du bekommen zu dein kuche und macht uns ein sammich. 😉


    fauxfighters- Oh no! Are your friends the “my first wedding” section on her page?



    These are almost all horrible for one reason or another… and often several reasons.


    I love how her first prize winner gets two 8×12 prints… she’s too lazy to even crop properly for them to get a typical, manageable size… or too lazy to shoot with cropping room.



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