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    Whaaaaat?! We can pay for pretend awards now? LOL.

    I actually have won awards on my photography, but it was just at my county fair. Honestly, some of the competition isn’t even competition, just snapshots of cows, barns, potted flowers, and people’s kids. We’ve had judges in the past who didn’t even know a snapshot from an artistic photograph and gave this same over-saturated, straight-on, out-of-focus cow photo several awards because “it was just a really cool photo.” (I was almost pulling out my hair). I have had a handful of images sent to the state fair though, so I think that counts for something.

    Speaking of my county fair, there’s a woman who enters her photos every year. She’s not terrible, but most of her photos are snapshot-y, mostly of her daughters. She knows she’s no pro but really enjoys photography, and she loves my work. Well, this girl I work with had asked me to shoot her wedding but it’s the weekend between me being in a wedding and shooting another, so I declined because I knew I’d be too busy. I gave her some suggestions on different photogs and she told me the other day that this woman is doing it… don’t get me wrong, she’s a great, nice lady, but I can tell you she is NOT equipped to shoot a wedding. I didn’t say anything but that I knew her and she’s really nice. I’m afraid she’ll be in fauxtog status.

    Mrs Woo

    Well, a lot of photographers start out with a camera and a belief that they are better photographers than they are (or that they are ‘good enough’ and ‘will keep working’) – some start charging earlier in their experience than others.

    Today I posted on my FB (it isn’t really a joke, actually), that I apparently am allowed to do portrait photography (have been talking to hubby repeatedly about doing some part-time photography to help support my equipment habit, and he tells me I am not healthy enough for that), but I am only allowed to do it for special reasons, and am never allowed to charge for it (when we find people who are in desperate straits, we often do many things to help them; a family friend is disabled and poor and every graduation photography package he has been quoted is over $400; people who are paid to help him at his house actually showed up one night to pay for his son’s cap and gown for him).  Though hubby will not let me do photography to earn money, he has no problem volunteering my services or having me volunteer them for someone who cannot get portraiture done otherwise.

    Of course, that’s a once or twice a year commitment vs. trying to maybe do photography a few times a week.

    Back to the awards – we could even organize and give each other awards and advertising you are an ‘award-winning photographer’ is not a lie.  It’s misleading, but it’s not a lie.  It’s sad the way people do that, you know?  The whole “if it’s legal, who cares if it isn’t ethical?” thing… 🙁


    I have to ask, and I am not trying to offend you in any way here, but why is he not letting you charge for your photography (assuming your skill level is to the point where you should/can be charging) if you are healthy enough to do occasional shoots? What would the difference be? Like, if you are able to do one photo session every two weeks why not charge? (I do not know your health status obviously or what it is that may be preventing you from doing photography more often). I guess I am just confused, but in no way am I expecting you to divulge personal info on a forum.


    Ugh, no kidding with the vignettes. And the testimonials read really weird. I’m guessing the “award” was something they won through votes from their family!


    I just had to point out this guy because he really confuses me… His photos could be stunning but he has some big issues with editing. He obviously loves playing around with the clarity and so a lot of images that could be good end up looking too soft and blurry.


    Or he goes to the other extreme so the poor models end up like this


    Then some “creative” blurring :/



    And then you have this… D:




    So how can he have something potentially gorgeous like this: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=539935382683410&set=pb.100000008595842.-2207520000.1359891266&type=3&theater#!/photo.php?fbid=532630110080604&set=pb.100000008595842.-2207520000.1359891266&type=3&permPage=1 mixed in with those last horrific photos!?!?

    Mrs Woo

    I think that it is because he doesn’t want me to have the stress of having obligations scheduled ahead of time and having worse symptoms make me have to reschedule or cancel (I am the church’s main musician and they have to sing a capella at least once a month).  On the not charging thing – he volunteers me for shoots for people who can’t afford a photographer.  He is a snapshot photographer and doesn’t understand the fuss I make over composition and light.  It drives me crazy.  He likes to go on photo safaris… at noon.  On a really sunny day.  Then he will only take pictures of whatever he can see from the passenger side of the car.  SMH

    So he isn’t much of a judge of pictures.  He does like some of my better stuff, yes, but is someone who would find many fauxtographer images to be more than acceptable as long as they were in focus and the exposure wasn’t too far off.

    It isn’t his lack of value for me, though, it is more his heart for everyone else.  I seem to give away at least one graduation shoot a year.  That certainly isn’t a whole lot of work to commit to, at least.

    My whole hope is actually to get submissions approved for microstock and make some extra money that way.  That way it doesn’t matter if I only take pictures on my good days (hard to find models that flexible though).  🙂


    They have a real web page.  It says:

    Clive Figes is an International award winning Photographer, well known for his portrait work
    and his work with agencies and fashion magazines.
    With over 40 years experience in photography
    he is also well grounded in Weddings, Events, and commercial advertising work, Clive
    is a qualified Member of the Royal Photographic Society,
    The society of Wedding and portrait Photographers,
    and The British Association of Professional Photographers.
    His social photography covers, Weddings, family portrait’s, individual portraits,
    Bump to One maternity images, and
    the testing, and submitting would be models to model agencies, which he deals with, then when the model is signed up producing a commercial portfolio.
    Commercial work he has a sound knowledge of advertising imagery that quickly gets a return on the investment of using him as a photographer.
    He gives you Big City quality at local high street prices.

    Perhaps FB is where he puts a bunch of trial stuff he is just messing around with?  There are some duds but there are also many quite good photos.  Since it is a commercial endeavour, perhaps there are multiple photographers?  The last gallery I put up was mostly my photos but it also included some photos from four other photographers, two of which hardly ever hold a camera.


    an award for what ? misuse and misunderstanding on texture layovers? how _not_ to use a healing tool ?? I see a bunch of problems with this photo.. technical problem galore



    This guy is a fashion studio photographer and from the one photo that I saw of his he is pretty good in the studio but he is trying to be a wedding photographer now. My studio is inside of my family’s printing company and we print photos for other photographers. So he brings us his first wedding to be made into a photo book and my dad had to correct every image which was severely underexposed. I dont understand how a good studio photographer could be so bad at lighting a wedding. Since he is into studio photography you would think he knows a bit about external flashes and off camera lighting?

    BUT I cant find his studio anywhere on the internet. The only facebook page I found for him has 12 likes and he told us he had a few thousand likes. I just feel like hes a little fishy.


    Umm just heard him ask about softboxes & umbrellas. He said hes never used them =/

    He acts like hes been in the business for years… how odd.


    The photos on the left page are dark and have a yellow cast due to ambient lighting.  The photos on the right were brightened and colour corrected.  The last set I shot are hopefully bright enough, but were left very warm because “as shot” and colour corrected were shown and “as shot” was selected.  I just uploaded an 82 page book, and I will be annoyed if someone resets the white balance before printing.  In about a week I will find out.

    Wedding and studio photos are completely different creatures, usually.   Small flash is different than studio strobes and at the wedding, you may not be allowed to use a flash.  At the reception, you can use a flash but you are usually running around as the bride moves from reception line to dinner, to dancing.   If you have an assistant you might have a single off camera speedlight, otherwise it will just be a speedlight in the hot shoe.   I could see a number of questions about umbrellas and softboxes for speedlights coming from a guy who uses those modifiers on studio strobes.  You can get little softboxes that fit a speedlight while it is in the hot shoe and you can get bigger ones for mounting on a stand with a remote speedlight.  You can get stands with umbrellas, for speedlights, as well.  Mine are made by Nikon.  The umbrella is deeper than the umbrellas for my studio strobes and the black cover does not have a silver lining so a little light goes through both layers!  That probably makes it a little lighter and more economical to make.

    Sometimes context matters.  I have umbrellas and softboxes.  If we were talking specifically about weddings, I would also say I never used them.  I just put a white piece of paper half way around the speedlight as a bigger bounce card.


    I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with this forum. I see more and more comments from people who claim to be professionals that make me put my head in my hands! In this thread alone there are two comments that just scream fauxtog.

    Someone commented that digital cameras do not take black and white images automatically. This person either uses a point and shoot or has no idea of the settings on their DSLR. Furthermore, NO-ONE has corrected them on this before now. Most dslr’s shoot in monochrome. In fact, I’ve never used one that doesn’t! Even my old fuji S700 shot in black and white back in 2003!

    The other comment was  “no editing is worse than over editing.”  Just because someone does not edit their images does not mean they cannot edit or are a fauxtog. It’s called getting it right in camera. If editing were a 100% requirement to being a professional, how did they manage in the 80’s shooting on film? The anser is, they were professionals who knew their camera, it’s settings and how to use them to get the best results in camera.  I don’t always edit my images, and if I do edit them it’s literally just minor color balance adjustments or a slight adjustment to contrast.

    This forum appears to be a place for fauxs to poke fun at other fauxs, with the odd exeption to the rule of course. People on here seem to think that if they use enough termanology they can hide behind it and call themself a pro.  I wonder how many of the people on here could shoot in film in manual and still get great photos. My guess is around 10%.



    cameraclicker: I understand they are different but you would think you would learn about external / on camera flash as well as studio lighting when you get into artificial lighting. The photos shown were from the reception. I know flash is usually not allowed during the ceremony which is why wedding photographers have cameras with good iso control to compensate for that so they do not take really dark photos. I see no excuse for someone to bring in such dark images as a final product with out editing them. Again he is a fashion photographer that is just getting into shooting weddings and knows nothing about softboxes.

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