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    Can we all take a moment to appreciate the steaming pile of turds I just found via Ooh La La Boudoir?  One of the subjects is also a “photographer” and has her own Facebook business page.

    She is all about cramming “LIKE MY PAGE!!!” down the throats of her viewers.  As if that wasn’t tacky enough, lets look at some of the photos…

    Selective color and clearly no thought was given to the safety of this child:

    I don’t know what’s worse.  The pop up flash or the white balance

    Yeah, we really needed to watermark “PROOF” across this one.  Because, you know, so many people are going to want to download and make prints of this blurry, disgusting mess:

    “Polarized”  And lets not overlook the double watermark:




    urkiddingright…you’ve found some front page material there. I actually saw a few photos where she forgot to scream, “please like me”. I’d imagine it gets tiring after typing it so many times. Again, definitely some real “winners” on that page. Maybe her skills will develop and maybe not. She sure has nowhere to go but up.


    This guy at work claims to have over 15 years of photo. Too many pictures to post here is his fb page



    web page



    How can you stop these so called photographers from robbing people.


    This Calgary fauxtog took it upon herself to launch a brand new business page  when she found out someone she’d photographed went missing. Now she’s using the memorial page for the person, who was murdered, as free advertising and moderating copyright and her rights as a fauxtographer, in partnership with a buddy who’s using it to promote makeup she’s selling (mixed reports say that some to all of her commission goes to the family—no mention of the incentive she gets from her company and new clientele!! They’re gonna be, like, rockstars!!). Any inquiries about accounting of fundraising have been swiftly deleted.

    Krista Isobel’s Studio & Styling:



    EvoYno’s page is quite confusing. I saw maybe a dozen shots that I’d consider decent, and the rest were blue babies, railroad tracks, poorly lit, or selective color. Major lack of consistency and I don’t think any client would know what to expect.

    Not Belinda… What is this? https://www.facebook.com/319287354932769/photos/pcb.353755234819314/353752694819568/?type=1&theater

    This one was outed on PhotoStealers last month. She has since removed the dozens of stolen images from her page and her website eventually went completely down. Looks like she did some of her own work last week: https://www.facebook.com/abbiophotos





    This is a local fauxtog. Most of her stuff is noisy, out of focus and has white balance issues.



    This person is the epitome of Fauxtogs.


    20 years experience


    For your consideration, an East Texas fauxtog who somehow was able to be reocmmended by a major preschool here. The worst images I’ve ever seen.



    I’ve been following this feed since the beginning and it’s been horrifying and hysterical at the same time. While I find it astonishing what some people like and pay for, my observations have led me to these conclusions…among others.

    These fauxtogs are not my competition, and I imagine they are not competition for most of you. The people who love this crap will never love or appreciate actual photography. They are completely overlooking the true beauty.

    These clients are the type of people who also love velvet posters such as Elvis or wolves howling at the moon on a mountain.

    Comparing the clients of these fauxtogs to a “real” photographer’s clients, is like comparing apples to oranges just as much as it is comparing the fauxtog to a photographer…also apples to oranges.

    While cringeworthy, there is a client for every type of photographer.


    @Makeitstop is right. This is really just kind of entertaining (in a gaping-jaw type of way… like “What the heck are these people thinking?”) but also can be used in an educational manner when discussing with people why one must pay what we charge if they want truly professional work. And while the quality and value of a professional’s work does vary in level with some being better than others (and often subsequently charging a lot more and having clients seek them out from far away), fauxtography seems to oddly follow a lot of the same patterns and fauxtographers often seem to follow personality/intelligence patterns as well. I haven’t figured that out yet.

    This person posted a blurry awful shot in a group asking “color or b&w?” Well, if you have to ask, neither.  Then I saw the rest of her work.



    Update. After she posted said oof photos of a pregnant belly, while others said nothing but “beautiful” and “gorgeous,” I posted that it was out of focus and should not be shown to the client. A few others agreed, and she whined that she wasn’t asking my opinion and just wanted to know black and white or color. Then came the line of “This was just a test shoot with only natural light in a dim room and wasn’t a ‘professional’ shoot anyway.” (Excuses…) She also said that line about it’s art and some people will have different opinions. Then she said she was being judged harshly and told me “go away.” Then deleted the post after a few more people wrote that it was out of focus and couldn’t be saved by making it black and white.

    Yup. Fauxtographers have NO interest in learning how to improve.


    Update 2! She deleted the original post and then posted a new rant about how people need to be constructive and not critical. I reiterated that my evaluation of the photo being out of focus was constructive and that if she wants to improve she will take advice given to her. She told me “You must be jealous.” I asked of who. She said “others.” THERE YOU HAVE IT. Jealousy!

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